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GMC Sierra: Problems & Solutions

dlaz71dlaz71 Posts: 2
edited March 2014 in GMC
I have a 97 GMC Z71. Bought new, 24,000 mi., taken
"WELL" care of. I have replaced the the "Door Sill
Trim" 2X on Drivers side & 3X on Passenger side.
The trim (this trim includes black strip that
against window) cracks! My Drivers side has just
recently cracked again. Does anyone know if there
is an aftermarket piece available? Interior color
is "Neutral (Tan"). I don't use the panel as an
armrest either. Got any connections at GM to ask?
Thanks for your help.


  • I have a 97 GMC Z71. "Numerous times", I've had to
    spray the Torsion Bar Mtg Bushings with silicone
    to stop a "Dry Rubbing Sound" when stopping at low
    speeds. Also, I've had to lube the Body Mtg
    Bushings for body flex noise. Are there any more
    permanent cures? (Maybe teflon lined bushings?) I
    like the truck and don't wish to change brands.
    sure GM was trying to correct some of these
    problems with their frame changes on 99 models.
    Thanks for your help!
  • Does anyone know whether GM has a fix on the wind noise around the front and rear doors on a 2000 GMC ext cab pickup. Dealer has been giving me all sort of comments about he has fixed it but is reoccurs when there is a slight cross wind. Very annoying..
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,054
    there isn't much the dealer can do. The door hinges are welded on so there is no possibility of adjusting the doors for a better fit. I guess GM wanted to save money on bolts. The solution is to break the welds, adjust the doors, and install bolts to replace welds. They have issued a TSB for the older C/K's on this but none for the newer silverado/sierras
  • I installed a bug deflector on my 2000 1500 ExC SB Sierra and immediately noticed a loud rattling noise around the front window when I was doing around 55 mph. I had heard that some deflectors will cause the rubber weather stripping around the top of the windows to vibrate.
    I removed the deflector and noticed that the noise went away.
    I decided to exchange the deflector for a different brand and different style and tried it again. The results were better, it didn't get noisy until I was around 65 mph but the faster I went the noisier it got. I decided to put up with the noise for the time being as I am going to trade up to an 8.1 2500. Hope this might help others who are having a similar problem.
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,054
    The Lund Interceptor has been used by Tahoe, Yukon, Sierra, and Silverado owners with no problems. For $50 you may want to try it, unless 1-you can live with the wind noise
    2-you plan to trade soon

    Good luck!
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,054
    you may want to order a Lund Interceptor for it, hopefully Lund has one by then....
  • Vehicle: 1999 GMC Sierra 1500, 4wd, ext cab, 5.3
    l, 4.10 diffs(rear locking).
    Description: When transmission is cold (below 25
    degrees)the 2-3 upshift does not occur until 32-33
    mph. As the transmission warms, shifting becomes
    normal. Under light acceleration, approximate
    normal shift is: 1st-2nd: 10 mph; 2nd-3rd: 20 mph;
    OD: 35 mph. 33 mph in 2nd gear is 2500+/- rpm, way
    to fast for a cold engine (or transmission). This
    has been a problem since the first winter (99).
    Not a problem in warm weather but the cold has
    returned & it's the same as last winter.
    Transmission was serviced in Sept (flushed)
    w/approx 32K miles. My brother inlaw has a similar
    setup (4wd/5.3/3.73/sb)& has the same problem. His
    dealer said this was 'normal'. Any advice on this
  • mblrdsmblrds Posts: 41
    I have roughly the same vehicle that you do, except mine's a 2000 Z71.
    The owners manual(2-23) says that when the temperature gets below 32 degrees, the transmission is designed to shift differently until the engine reaches normal operating temperature. Something about improving heater to performance.
  • vince4vince4 Posts: 1,272
    This behavior is by design, it is not a problem even though it may be annoying.
  • This must be another 'better idea'. Oh, well. Other than that (and the other standard issues this series has had), this is one great truck: rides great, good fuel mileage, tows anything, goes anywhere.
    Thanks for the response!
  • gonzo7gonzo7 Posts: 259
    Toyotas "hold" the shift until warmed up too.
  • I've got a 99 Sierra with a couple of annoying problems the dealership has totally ignored.

    Has anyone had:
    1) A creaking or growning sound in the front end
    when making sharp turns?? This problem didn't start until I hit bout 20k. Everytime I back out of the drivewy, the front end lets loose a "somethings binding" type groan. The classic dealership diagnosis was "dirty PS fluid".

    2) Erratic Fuel Level Mesurement?? Once again, not something that started until several thousand miles were logged. I can put gas in and get one reading. When I get home, it can be reading an 1/8th of tank different. Depending on gas sloshing in the tank, I've seen the gage needle travel a 1/4 tank back and forth. A low fuel gas slosh has occasionally set the "Low Fuel" light blinking off and on.
    The dealer response: The tech sat in 2 new Sierra's and noticed different gas level readings each time he started them, so there is no problem. End of diagnosis.
  • I've been reading all the Sierra info. and wondered if anyone has any firsthand experience with the new Sierra c-3? The 6.0 sounds great but would like to know if the all wheel drive feature is as good as it looks on paper. Any comments?
  • dkacydkacy Posts: 1
    I have a 1997 GMC Sierra purchased New in 97. It is a Regular Cab, Short bed. V6, automatic. It was bought because I wanted something safe.

    This thing has had what I think are alot of problems in it's 3 year, 29,000 mile life. Here are some of the things replaced, most went bad before 20,000 miles:

    Power Steering Pump
    Climate Control panel
    Air Conditioning compresser
    Transmission tail seal
    Tourqe Converter
    2 Brake Master cylinders 8 months apart
    left and right rear axel seals
    Steering Gear Box
    Fuel sending unit in tank
    Passenger window channel (twice).
    Seat belt buckle

    I took the truck thru arbitration, the arbitrator sided with GM, deciding it did not have "4 repairs on the same item").

    In addition to the above, it has lousey fit and finish (I've noticed other 97's that have varring problems with roof-line and door fit).

    The mechanic's at different dealerships insist it's a good truck (they also boast they have "job security" because of GM's junk being sold to the public, and that they would not own a newer vehicle).

    I'm wondering if this thing is better off being sold off at a loss before something major goes wrong (I've read the posts about vibration and transmissions).

    The most irratating is a noise in the front end that started after I had the wheel bearings re-packed. A click noise everytime it goes in a driveway, or over a bump. Not as bad since the cold weather hit, but annoying just the same.

    It also has a problem with the rear brakes staying "adjusted" (I had the brakes checked last week, it still has over 60 percent of the front linnings left, and over 90 percent in the rear).

    Fuel Milage in town is about 13 in the summer, 18 on the highway (60 to 65 mph). In cooler weather it's about 15 city, 20 to 23 highway). I do not lead-foot it, and have "baby'd" it since new, which is why I worry about how it would preform if used normally.

    Am I expecting too much from a new vechile? My old 74 Pinto did not have half the problems of this truck (for that matter I don't recall having any vehicle with this many problems, except for a 78 Subru Brat with an un-fixable 4 speed).

    Any info would be welcomed. You can e-mail direct at .

  • mgdvhmanmgdvhman Posts: 4,162
    to the 74 pinto?

    Sounds like you just got a bad one.......results are not typical of that vehicle....

    - Tim
  • copy/pasted for jlflemmons:

    #19 of 19: Erratic Fuel Measurement (jlflemmons) Fri 15 Dec '00 (01:01 PM)

    I repaired a Suburban with the same problem. The
    baffle that is in the tank that keeps the fuel
    gauge from oscillating came loose. Unfortunately,
    in the Sub the baffle sloshed into the fuel pump
    pickup and broke it. The pump sucked up the debris
    and locked up. So, new pump and re-attach the
    baffle to the bottom of the tank.

    My 2k Sierra does a neat trick. When stopped long
    enough for the gas to quit sloshing, I can put the
    tranny in reverse and the gauge will drop a 1/4
    tank. This isn't in the tank, but something in the
    gauge cluster. I will get it looked at when I put
    it in the shop for the typical ext cab rear door
    wind noise that showed up after 3k miles

  • mblrdsmblrds Posts: 41
    Been thinking on your cold shift.
    True, it's a part of the transmission program. For me, it's not that noticable. Maybe I'm not paying too much attention. So, with that said, maybe it's too noticable for you. Have you taken the truck to a service center to have them update the transmission software? That might soften it up some what, make it less noticable.
    Just a thought.

    '00 GMC Sierra Ext cab 4dr Z71 w/ 5.3
  • I have a 99 z71 and when I use 4x4 or Auto I hear a grinding noise. Is you let off the gas it lets up a little but not that much. It is worse when you are pressing on the gas, I guess that puts more pressure on the gears.

    Also, if I am in 2 wheel drive and the back tires start spinning and the locking if kicks in, it slams in hard and you hear and feel a loud flunk. It shakes the truck. I am wondering is something will break sometime later on.
  • kurfekurfe Posts: 1
    I have a tapping sound coming from what sounds like the engine when the truck is under load. I dont hear it when at idle. It happens when I am driving the truck. It seems to come and go when going up and down interstate type bumps not normal road bumps. I also have a steering noise that sounds and feels like a vibration.. this is more noticably when turning into a driveway.. The dealer has applied a valve TB to the engine tapping sound but it is still there. Has anyone expirenced a similar problem?
  • ryanbabryanbab Posts: 7,240
    I too have this feel. I heard from another board the intermediate steering shaft needs to be replaced. There is a TSB and i am verifying the number as we speak.

    I am going to have my truck more than likely looked at next wk when i get my new tires (285's) to have the computer upgraded and the tailgate fixed.

  • Each time I bring my z71 in for a problem they say the computer needs an update program. Then they tell me it is fixed but I still have the problems. (hard shift from 2-3, grinding noise when locking torque converter locks in, .....)

    I heard from a friend that MC does not pay much to the techs for warranty work, so they do not want to spend much time on trying to fix any problem.
  • ryanbabryanbab Posts: 7,240
    I think they went over and above working on my truck both times it was in for warrenty work. They explained fully to me what they were doing. I wouldnt leave the service area i stayed right by and watched what they were doing each time.

    Shoot i cant even complain this past time you are supposed to be at the service place at 7:30am well i didnt go till about 8:30am because i was only going to get it checked out not actually worked on. They were packed and still took me.

    I would say find another dealer to have work on it

  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,054
    MC = Master Card?
  • gmc96gmc96 Posts: 2
    I have a 96 gmc 1500 sle. I have had to replace the oxygen sensors after 45,000 miles. Also a shift solenoid in the transmission went out around 48,000 miles. Truck is very nice and gets great gas mileage-18 city and 23 highway. It has 4.3 liter V6 with 4L60E tranny. 3.08 gear ratio. I hope it last for at least 130,000 miles. The new ones are over priced for what they are offer.I do all the mechanic work my self. I don't trust the dealers service departments. Those guys are always in a hurry and don't take their time with the trucks.
  • I read Kurfe's message about engine tapping, and a friend of mine(in Ontario, Canada) has same problem on the 5.3 ltr in the silverado model. He has been to the dealer many times and they say that this is normal...I don't think so. He thinks it is a problem with the valves needing to be re-seated, any comments???

  • ryanbabryanbab Posts: 7,240
    I had kinda a tapping noise or you can say ticking. I took it in a few months ago they checked it over for about an hr and a half i watched the whole thing. The noise was determined to be coming from the intake. He described it as an echo that is not affecting the engine in anyway. After i switched to mobil 1 the noise (i call it noise) has for the most part subsided.


    2000 5.3 Silverado
  • Was your tapping at idle, with the engine warm, or upon acceleration?

    Roger, 2000 5.3 Silverado
  • I have a 2000 GMC Sierra 5.3L cab pickup. My problem is every day I crank up the truck and use it. Low windshield washer fluid message comes on in the message center on the dash. I've checked the fluid level and made sure it was full. Does anybody know What's wrong or how to clear or fix the alarm. Thanks! this is very annoying.........
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,054
    Bad sensor. Have the dealer change it out.
  • rayt2rayt2 Posts: 1,208
    washer light coming on even though tank is full, will have dealer change sensor @ next oil change interval.

    Ray T.
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