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    Well, GDI doesn't have much to do with it. My Sentra isn't GDI for example. Also today I was able to get 43 mpg on a non-GDI 2012 Altima 2.5S (previous generation) under ideal conditions: mild temps (but no a/c needed), relatively flat terrain, no strong headwind (had a crosswind though), and 55-65 mph speed limits with only a couple of stops. THEN I entered a freeway with a 75 mph limit, and I was at 75-76 most of the time. The mpg plummeted quickly and when I exited that freeway 130 miles later, the FE readout was at 32.2 mpg... which means the mpg on that freeway jaunt was less than 32.2 mpg since it started at about 43 mpg. Then after about 20 miles at 60-65 mph, the average FE crept back up to 33.4. What a huge difference speed makes for fuel economy! Something for folks to consider when they don't see their Optimas or other cars hitting the EPA fuel economy numbers on the highway, but tend to drive at 70+ mph.
  • You have to understand that it is not the speed causing the plummeting MPG. It is air resistance. Wind at 75 MPH is a class one hurricane. That pressure on the front of the car is far more than at 55. So it isn't the engine becoming suddenly non-economical. Make sense?
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    Hey guys, I've got about 7,000 miles on my 2012 Turbo SX and I recently averaged about 24.5 mpg (Eco on) on a tank that I got stuck in traffic with. I had to drop my son off at the local K-Mart to meet other Cub Scouts who were going on a weekend trip. The usual 8 minute drive took 2 and a half hours due to an overturned truck on the Fwy. So I was happy with the 24.5 mpg. Later on, my tire pressure light came on and I discovered that all 4 tires were evenly low on air. Off the top of my head, I think the max pressure on my tires were 48-49 psi max. I filled them up to about 38-39 psi and averaged 29 mpg on my next tank. I drive about 65% Hwy and 35% City. I live at the top of a hill and my Fwy routes have ups and downs. Oh, and YES, I do occasionally open up that Turbo ;)
  • Great. I get 24.2-24.8 consistently. I have the 2.4, but both engines have similar figures.

    I am guessing that there was a sudden cold snap where you live and that dropped the tire pressure.

    It's normal in my hypothetical condition.

    Happy New Year
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    It's cold here now, but it wasn't really when it happened. I think cuz I don't drive it all the time and it sometimes sit for a week or so without driving it can cause the pressure to lower.

    I got it Nov 2011 and it's under 7,000 miles now. I think it has to do with the way you drive too. If I'm NOT driving stop light to stop light, I like to work thru to gears quickly and when I hit about 42-43 mph, I put it into 6th gear and ease off the gas. If going onto the Hwy, I would do the same but would get up to my cruising speed or the flow of traffic and then back off the gas...
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    You have to understand that it is not the speed causing the plummeting MPG. It is air resistance.

    And the increased air resistance is due to... what, exactly? ;)

    I tried to find a route that existed in a total vacuum, but then realized the engine needs air to operate, so I scratched that idea.
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    I have about 7K on my 2013 SX-L turbo. Live in Northern Virginia. Commute locally in the suburbs to/from the commuter lot, etc. I get about 19mpg and that's been consistent since I got the car. Hasn't improved at all. I've take several long highway trips, and I can get almost 34mpg which is much better. I wish I could get closer to 25mpg around town, but doesn't look like I'll ever get about 20mpg. Disappointed, but it's still the most fun car I've owned, so I can live with it.
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    Welcome to the club man. I live in West Springfield, and I have the 2012 EX. I can't get over 22 in the city. I am taking a longish trip to Myrtle Beach, so I am looking forward to finally hit that magic 35 mph figure, but I wonder if it will happened with 3 kids and luggage in the car.

    Well, you know how it is here. We are either in choking traffic, or it's the Indy 500. Either way, that 24/35 figure hasn't happened for me either, and I have 19,950 miles.

    ****BTW, you should join us over at mid size sedans 2.0 (another forum here at Edmund's).
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    Thanks! That's encouraging that you can get 22 in the Springfield area. Did you get that city mileage from day one, or did it improve over the 20k miles? I'll definitely check out the mid size sedans 2.0
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    Hard to believe you get 19 city and 34 hwy. Are you in total gridlock in the city? Do you drive with ECO on? Do you race from signal to signal? What is your Avg mpg per tank?

    I Avg 25-27 mpg per tank and I don't think I can get 34 hwy :confuse: I've got a 2012 SX.
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    Here in St. Paul MN, my 2011 Optima EX gets 24- 26 MPG in the City and 34-35 MPG on HWY. Yes I do keep in on ECO and have approximately 23K miles on it. LOVE the car! One of the best I have owned.

    My only complaint (and its a minor one) is sometimes the Bluetooth acts up - freezes - or does not recognize my voice to any Command.
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    Any ideas on how to get closer to 40 mpg?

    Sure, move to Canada,

    just a little joke!
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    Or just drive downhill only... lol
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    I also have an Optima EX, and I also have similar mileage on my 2012. Your mpg is totally within the EPA estimate parameters printed on the window sticker.

    My Bluetooth also acts up, and has exactly the same symptoms. On my Samsung Galaxy 3 I just leave the Bluetooth "on" all the time. So the car detects it as soon as I push start. When I do this it works properly 100% of the time.

    Where people have trouble is when they turn on their phones' Bluetooth system after the car is already running. The car's system, having found no device on startup, is no longer "looking" for a Bluetooth device. You then have to go into the car's setup menu and select your phone manually, or wait until the car scans for devices again.
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    Picked up my SXL in July 2013, coming out of a 2007 Mazda CX7....the mazda required 92 octane and in my 6 years of ownership, I averaged 14mpg mostly city. My best MPG was 19 on a trip out to pittsburg..the MPG was killing me running 92.

    Thus far I have about 7k on the SXL and have seen my far share of mixed hwy & city.....typically I get about 20 city however if I drive like an 85yr old I've averaged 24 city. On the hwy I average 32 if I keep it under 70 on fairly level ground. I tend to be a spirited driver which means that my real world mileage suffers with numbers 17 city, 26 hwy. Either Way, I LOVE the car and it has exceeded my expectations by leaps and bounds.....I have the titanium silver with the chrome package and there isnt a week that goes by that I dont have someone tell me how beautiful my car is ;):blush:;) !!
  • Great! I have the Optima EX 2.4, and also tend to drive in a spirited fashion. I typically get 21 MPG in crowded DC/MD/VA area. My average speed is 20 mph. This explains the low mpg.

    On a recent trip to Southport NC, I averaged 31 mpg over 400 miles, even after sitting in a 2.5 hour traffic jam between Springfield and Richmond. That is with all our luggage and 3 tweenage kids aboard. (total of 4 people).

    I also get stopped by strangers asking about my car. LOL.
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    I have an 2012 Optima Hybrid, live in Toronto and find that mileage drops significantly as soon as it gets cold. A 65 litre tank can support 800 km in the summer city and on two long summer road trips over 1000 km. I'm clocking close to 700 km now if I go on the flashing bar and vapours. Overall it's a great car, I fill it up no more than once a week, my last Chrysler dinosaur saw the gas station every other day. Gas here is $1.27 a litre. That's $5.58 a gallon. Our gallon is 5 quarts.
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    My car is brand speaking new with less than 400 miles and I went across town the other day and my dash said I was getting 39.3 mpg but that was with cruise control and slow driving. Now when I'm in town it's around 19 or 20. I will say that my parents bought theirs in 2012 and they said it seemed to suck just as much gas if not more than the v6 they switched from and I thought that just can't be true. Well with mine being a 2014 and hoping they had worked out some of that mpg issue I see that my parents were right. My tank cost just $5 less to fill than my old v6 and I have to fill up a day sooner than my last car.

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