2013 and earlier Kia Optima Prices Paid and Buying Experience

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2006.5+ actually.

Re-state of my post on the general Kia Optima board.

*2007 LX with appearance group
*Dealer installed leather (January 2-- we'll see but it looked OK in the showroom.
*Spoiler (who cares)


Chose the Optima over the Sonata because I'm not too crazy about the high-pressure local Hyundai dealer.

Good experience so far.

Compared to my Malibu Maxx ($100 less)--
1. Better handling than the Maxx with 50 series Michelins.
2. Four cylinder seems almost as quick as the 3.5 Maxx.
3. More stuff on the Maxx--power petals, better drivers information center, power seats.
4. Maxx seems bigger despite the Optima's roughly equal interior space. Think Optima puts it into more head room. Maxx seems a bit more comfortable to me.
5. Maxx should be cheaper on maintenance: no timing belt, cheaper tires, longer oil change intervals (roughly 7000 on dino. oil.
6. Like the looks of the Optima more and more. Better interior design. No goofy front-end clip of the pre-06 'Bu's.

I have 40K trouble free miles on 'Bu, only a couple of hundred on Optima. At this point, they're probably the two best cars I've ever had with my 01 Elantra a close third. Actually counting my beloved 88 Festiva, Korean cars count for three of the four best cars I've ever owned.


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    csandste! I loved my '99 Kia Sephia and our '01 Kia Sportage 4x4 has been a great runner and has been very affordable to maintain.

    More and more I am looking to Kia Motors to supply us with our next new rig. Might be one of the new Optima's or I'm interested in this new concept car of Kia's called the C'eed. I would go for a 5-speed, 5-door Kia C'eed if the production model looks anywhere near as good as the concept car. And if Kia keeps the price around $17,000 or lower. Figuring Kia's history in they probably will keep the C'eed reasonably priced.

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    Thought that was staying in Europe. Have you heard anything about importing?
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    about the Kia C'eed, csandste. I read that it will be the first Kia motorcar designed in Europe, but does that mean it won't come to the U.S. as an import? I doubt that, but I don't really know. I'm guessing we'll know soon as the '07 Auto Shows fire up and the company feels that it's time to share more information about the new C'eed.

    I believe we will get the Kia C'eed here because it is talked about as being the new design direction Kia is going to for the future.

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    A dealer close to me is promoting "special purchase" a sale on 2007 Kia Optimas. These cars are new (no miles), but just didn't sell, and now this dealer has about a couple dozen of them. The 2008 model of the same car currently carries a $3000 rebate. I'm very interested in buying one of the 2007 models - if I can get a good deal. The problem is, I have no idea what the dealer paid for these cars. Do I negotiate the price as if it was a low mileage used car (based on Kelley Blue Book)? How much of a premium should I pay above blue book for a used 2007 given that this is a new car, with full factory warranty?
    The Optima EX V6 I'm interested in originally stickered for about 24,700. According to a dealer e-mail, they are asking $19,200. But Kelley Blue Book for this same model used (even with very low miles) is $17,600. A near by Enterprise Rent-A-Car sales place has the same model 2007 - with fewer options and 30,000 miles - for about $12,700.
    Any thoughts?
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    One of the problems with HyunKia is that they're busy getting rid of American talent and reverting to running things in Korean fashion. This means that they're building new cars way beyond the point of supply and demand. There's thousands of new Sonatas at the Alabama plant that the dealers don't want. This should mean a very good deal for you. I'd offer a bit over 16K for the car you cite and see what happens.

    In my opinion there's not a lot of benefit in going with the V6. Not much more power, lower MPG's (although the four is none too good), and an expensive timing belt to replace.
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    Now that Honda has pretty much eliminated the 2009 Fit from my fall car shopping list (by making VSC available only on the most loaded Sport + Nav trim, which I figure with AT will go for somewhere close to $19k), I am refocusing on other cars. The Optima has been on my list for some time, but with current incentives at $3500 and the refreshed 2009 Optima coming in the fall, I am thinking I could get a real good deal on a 2008 this fall.

    So I was wondering what kind of deals people are seeing/getting right now? The trim I am interested in is the LX AT with the ESC package and Appearance package (which is required with ESC/ABS). With mats and $675 destination, MSRP is $20,110 and invoice (per Edmunds.com) is $18,755. There is a $3000 general rebate and a $500 competitive rebate (which I qualify for since I own a 626).

    I have seen some Hyundai dealers offer as much as $2000+ off invoice on 2009 Sonatas, before rebates. If I could find a Kia dealer who offers a comparable discount off invoice, that would make the Optima I want a little over $13k + TTL. If I could get a price like that, it would be pretty hard to pass up. Wishful thinking?
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    My Optima's had no issues other than slightly disappointing gas mileage. I prefer the looks of the 08 to the Ford-like 09. 13K should be a compelling deal.
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    The Kia Optima proposes an interesting value proposition for me as well. I've always owned Hondas (Civics, Accords and an Integra) until my current car, a Mazda3 5-door. I love my Mazda, but at the age of 33, I've finally accepted the fact the manual transmissions and Atlanta gridlock don't mix. It's time for an automatic.

    The Optima is actually a good looking vehicle, even when compared to Accord, Camry and Sonata. The Appearance package is a must-have for the price (17-inch wheels, fog lights, trip computer, leather steering wheel) as is the Stability/Traction Control with ABS. I priced an Optima LX 4-cylinder automatic with those two options at a local dealer- with rebates factored in, I could buy it for $16,000 plus tax (sticker is $20,025). That's a steal and I'd be a fool to pass it up, right?

    I think the biggest obstacle is my own snobbery (Kia doesn't roll off the tongue as easily as Honda or Mazda). Then again, maybe driving a good looking, well-equipped mid-size car with a 100k mile warranty and payments less than a Honda Fit are just the cure for that!
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    Agree 100%. The problem in my region--hopefully not in yours--is that LX I4s or even EX I4s are inpossible to find with the ESC package. So I am worried about finding one when it comes time for me to buy a car around October. Hope you have better luck.
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    I've actually read several posts about the difficulty of finding one equipped with the ESC package. The quote I got from a dealer didn't actually confirm that they had the car on the lot, imagine that!

    It really irritates me that the ESC package is an option rather than standard across the model range because it's the only way to get ABS! How can Kia even think about competing with any of the mid-size class leaders when every one of them has ABS standard on all trim levels. Even if they wanted to claim the low MSRP, they could simply make the ESC package a "standard" option and include it on all of the Optimas they build. Sending them to dealers without ABS is baffling to me....

    ABS isn't even standard on the EX V-6 but it has leather and automatic climate control. Hyundai includes ABS, TSC and ESC on all Sonata models....that needs to trickle down to its Kia sibling.

    And whlie they're at it, they could share the 3.3L V6 from the Sonata, too. That'd get me to upgrade from the 4-cylinder model. As it stands, I can't see much logic in paying for the 2.7L V6 (at least $1000 depending on trim level). You get 23 more horsepower, lose 1 mpg city and 3 mpg highway and pick up about 110 pounds in vehicle weight. The marketing folks really didn't think thru that one very well, I don't think.

    Then again, I suppose they're working with what they have. The 2.7L V6 is just a slightly revised version of the V6 in the previous-gen Sonata, right?
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    Although talking about platforms can be counterproductive, the Optima is more an enlarged Elantra. I'm not even sure the 3.3 would fit.
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    The 2008 Optima is what, a couple inches shorter than the Sonata? And the 2009 Optima is about the same size as the Sonata. So sizewise the 3.3 would fit. I just don't think Hyundai WANTS the 3.3 in the Optima... it would then be direct competition for the Sonata V6. As it is, buyers can choose from a V6 with a little more oomph than the I4, or for a little more money a more powerful V6. I'm not saying I agree with that strategy, but I think that is what's behind the 2.7L in the Optima.
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    Every source I have ever read says the Optima is on the same platform as the Sonata. It may not be quite as large as the current Sonata, but it's quite a bit bigger than the Elantra. If you're looking for an entry level, midsize sedan that has stability control and anti-lock brakes, you're probably better off looking at the Sonata - low end Optimas seldom have ABS / ESC. But if you're interested in a car with more options, there's good chance you can find an Optima EX with the safety package at a good price.
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    "Unlike the previous Optima, this vehicle no longer shares its platform with the current generation Sonata (NF) nor Hyundai Elantra (HD). It instead uses a global platform, unique to Kia, designated "MG," shared with the the Kia Carens/Rondo."

    I'm never comfortable saying exactly what a platform is in modern manufacturing. The previous gen Sonata/Optima were identical with different clips. This version has struts like the Elantra, not links like a Sonata.

    I remember long discussions with Backy whether or not the Spectra shared a platform with the earlier Elantra or next gen Elantra. Sometimes figuring out platform evolution can be a tricky thing. Certainly the Optima is very close to the Rondo.
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    On a very serious note, do not buy a car without ESC if you care about yourself or people that will drive or ride in your vehicle.

    ESC has to be the biggest advance in auto safety since the inception of seat belts; and probably more so than air bags, by a wide margin.

    Consumer Reports did a lengthy study comparing vehicles equipped with and w/out ESC, and the results were startling.

    ESC literally increases your chances of maintaining control of your vehicle, steering where you want to, and avoiding an accident, under almost any conditions, by approximately 50%.
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    Agree 100%. If you have any info on prices and availability for Optimas with the ABS/ESC package, it would be much appreciated.
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    Anyone have any buying experience with Schaumburg Kia? I notice they have a good collection of Optimas... including some LXes with the ABS/ESC package.
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    Just got an estimate on a Kia Optima LX 4cyl 4x2

    MSRP: $18,920

    No additional options:
    $14,998 + TTL

    What do you guys think? I haven't decided between this or the Sonata. I rented an Optima once in Puerto Rico and loved the interior and the ride (smooth).
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    Which rebates do you qualify for? If it's just the $2500 general rebate, the deal is about at invoice--good but not great for a car like the Optima, especially with the refreshed 2009 models on the way. If you qualify for additional rebates, then I don't think it's a very good deal.
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    $3,000 cash back rebate...
    How much below invoice do you think I can go? Is the 2009 a complete redesign?

    I look online for pictures and it looks exactly like the 2008 I think.
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    No, not a re-design. New front and rear styling, new instrument cluster, updated engines (e.g. I4 now has 175 hp, same as on the 2009 Sonata) with better fuel economy, and a few other tweaks. Personally I like the looks of the 2008 better.

    IMO your maximum target price should be invoice, before rebates. You can start out below that and see what the dealer says.

    Don't forget the competitive rebate... applies to lots of different non-Kia cars.
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    Thanks. I will do that and see where it gets me. I'm thinking if I get it low enough, I could have the same price I paid for my over-priced Elantra (didn't know what I was doing at the time).

    I'll get back to you guys.

    Thanks for your help!
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    Go to the 2009 Optima threads to see the new car. I agree with Backy in preferring the looks of the old car, although that is strictly from pictures. New car has Fordish front clip with rear changed to better match the new Spectra replacement.
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    I agree that Backy knows his stuff and gives out sound advice. I often read his posts in trying to help others, and I don't often comment, but he's an invaluable resource for accurate and timely information.

    Thanks, Backy.

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    Well, that makes my week. Nice to know I have been of some help. :blush:

    Now on the Optima... I've found a 2007 EX I4 that appears loaded except for the Appearance Package. So it has leather, heated dual power seats, etc. etc. AND most importantly has the ABS/ESC package. It's in my favorite color for the Optima, grey, has about 14k miles and appears from what I can tell from the photos and description to be in good shape. I haven't had a call back from the seller (private party) yet, but I was wondering what kind of offer y'all think would be appropriate? Asking price is $13,900. KBB is between $13k-13.7k, Edmunds is a bit higher. The ad states that it has the 10/100 warranty so I have to find out if it has the Kia extended warranty, since the 10/100 wouldn't transfer. I also want to find out why they would want to part with such a fine car so soon. ;)
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    Maybe it was rental picked up at auction?

    I've noticed a lot of cars, whether Buicks, Hyundais, Kias, Chryslers, Fords - they are typically 12 to 18 months old with anywhere from 12k to 20k miles, and a lot of them seem to be former rental cars according to the free car fax reports that typically accompany those types of ads.

    I personally think you can do a little better on the price - it seems that all car pricing, no matter the brand (except for the rare cars and hybrids), has become very competitive.

    Good luck to you.
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    I found out the car has been owned since new by a family where the wife just got a company car, so they have one extra car on their driveway. I will go look at it tomorrow and see whether they are willing to negotiate. I also found out the seller did not know that the 10/100 warranty is not transferrable.
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    Sounds like you may be able to score a pretty good deal, then. If it's a private sale ad, they probably listed it higher than they expected to actually get.

    Also, as you insinuated, because I know you're sharp, the warranty issue (the fact they didn't know the 100k/10year warranty is cut almost in half for 2nd owners) might give you huge leverage to get that price much lower.

    Finally, try to find honest figures on what they'd get on a trade-in from a dealer, or at a lot on a cash sale, and bring those numbers with you.

    Good luck, Backy.
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    The car was sold before I got there. :cry: I had my numbers ready but to no avail. They got the price they asked. Hopefully the seller pointed out the warranty error in the ad to the buyer.
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    I've repeatedly tried to do deals on HyunKias. It appears that dealers don't want to give anything for them at wholesale but (in my experience at least) hold out for significantly over book at retail. Your loss, but the fact that a private seller got above book makes me feel a little better as an Optima owner.
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    Backy-- If the ESC package is that important to you, have you ever thought about going to California or another west coast market with lower prices and greater choice? It would be a three or four day drive back, but it could get you the car you want at a big discount. I know there's a database that sweeps newspaper ads for the lowest posted prices in the country. If you were going to pay over book for a used car, why not pay under for a new one?

    I picked the local dealer, even though I could have gotten a base car cheaper elsewhere in St. Louis. Kind of regret it now that I see what tires are going to cost for replacement and frankly the car (low mileage) hasn't been back to the dealer in the almost two years I've owned it.
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    I recently did an inventory search across the US on an Optima LX with ABS/ESC. There were ZERO. I would consider about 1000 miles my limit for travel, e.g. East Coast. That is where the best deals on Sonatas seem to be, for example.

    Since Sonatas with ESC are really easy to find (i.e., ALL of them have it), and I don't prefer the Optima all that much more to the Sonata, that would be the route I'd take if I can't find an Optima LX with ABS/ESC or an Elantra SE at a decent price. I am also looking at the used route, as per my recent posts on the 2007 Optima.
  • backybacky Member Posts: 18,949
    Yep, I've seen Planet Hyundai's ads in Las Vegas before, when I've been there. I've read the fine print on the ads too (hard as that was to do). Here's all I have to say about those prices:


    (If there were an Emotorcon for "utter disbelief", I would have used it.)
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    Is it safe for me to assume that the Optima is at least as reliable as the Sonata?

    Also, can anyone confirm a $1,000+ dollar bill because the solid lifters must be adjusted near the 90k mile mark?

    One last thing: Consumer Reports remarked that the Optima (I think 2007) had suspension noise. Anyone who owns one or has driven one care to comment?

    Thank you.

  • backybacky Member Posts: 18,949
    As far as the I4 powertrain, they are the same (Optima for 2009 catches up with the 2009 Sonata in the engine department) so there should be no difference in reliability there. But the two cars are made in different factories, and have different V6s. CR rates the Sonata I4 "much better than average", the V6 average, and the Optima overall better than average (doesn't distinguish between I4 and V6 there).
  • csandstecsandste Member Posts: 1,866
    The only suspension noise might be on hitting large bumps, other cars may have more sound insulation. Absolutely nothing whatsoever tinny or cheap feeling-- any thing I've heard is a thunk, not a clang or squeak. No problem whatsoever IMHO.
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    2008 Kia Optima LX with rear spoiler I4 engine

    $14,496 + TTL ($15,728.00 OTD)

    Do you guys think that's a good deal?
  • csandstecsandste Member Posts: 1,866
    Two years ago I paid $16.1 for an 07 LX with add-on leather (looks as good as factory) and appearance group. Can't remember if the spoiler is part of the appearance group or just an add-on. Appearance group (if I remember correctly retailed at $1000, I think they let me have leather for $500. Obviously no one would pay full price for the appearance group and other than the classier instrumentation most of it is lost on me. Frankly replacing the 17 inch tires is an unneeded expense.

    So, subtracting the appearance group and the leather you paid about what I did two years ago. Of course I bought a new 07 and you're getting a soon to be replaced 08. (Just noticed the 09 ad on the right of this page.) The 09 is uglier IMHO but should get better mileage and have more power.

    I'm not sure what the rebates are on this, but I'd think you got a pretty good deal, especially if you got the appearance group thrown in.

    I don't like listing TTL as part of the deal because it varies so much. For example in Missouri, taxes are paid separately depending on the town of residence within 30 days and the dealer sees none of this, other than some kind of title fee which I've never agreed to pay. Price paid to the dealer without these charges allows a much better comparison for a national market.
  • godwheelgodwheel Member Posts: 25
    Thanks for replying. As far as I know there is no appearance group on the vehicle. The $14,496 includes all the rebates and such + tax, tag and title. I'm not really to pull the trigger yet, but at that price, I'm basically paying what I'm paying for my Elantra...

    I'm almost certain I can get it down further, maybe another $500. The wild card in all of this is how much they are willing to give me for my Elantra... I guess I'll see when I go down to the dealer.

    One other question, they have a 2007 EX V6 (fully loaded) that has been sitting on the lot brand new. They are offering it for like $15,687. Do you think I can ask for $14,496 and take that? It has like 20 miles and I much rather get the V6 with all the goodies for the same price.

    Thanks for your input.

    BTW, I agree 100% on the appearance of the 2009!
  • csandstecsandste Member Posts: 1,866
    If you like the V6 (I don't), you should be able to negotiate an extremely good deal on a 2 year old car.

    My problems with the V6:
    1. Timing belt to replace.
    2. Not much more power than the four.
    3. Poorer gas mileage.

    Make 'em an offer of under $14K on it and see if they take it. Can't do any harm. I haven't checked the price of a used EX (say with 5K mileage) on Edmunds. See what that would bring and offer it or less.

    Having the Elantra in the mix complicates things as to what the car is costing. I know selling it yourself is a hassle but it might save you a thousand or more. At the very least I'd negotiate the Kia separately.

    Kias still depreciate much more than Hyundais, so I don't see much difference between the 07 and 08. If you buy this car do so with the idea that you're going to run it into the ground.
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    My parents are being offered 19,900 for a 2008 EX V6 with Sunroof, leather, ESC package. MSRP 23,900. 3500 off in rebates and another 500 just to hit my mom's goal of being under 20K.

    Are there any other incentives out there we don't know about? Any more wiggle room in KIA? They're not into haggling. But its a bit more car than they wanted. They just wanted a sunroof and the ESC. But colors etc. are hard to find these days.
  • godwheelgodwheel Member Posts: 25
    I searched on Edmunds for the use V6 EX loaded and couldn't find an equal car within 200 miles of my house! The closest I saw was a 2008 Optima LX with 5K miles going for $12,188. I'm guessing I can try going for under $14K and see what happens. I agree with you, I'm just going to keep this car for a while (reason I'm getting rid of the Elantra is that I have a baby on the way and need the extra room in the back). What appeals to me is that it has leather and all that nice stuff I won't be able to get with the I4 for a lower price.

    I guess I'll find out when I drive there this weekend, I'm sure they will give me dirt for my Hyundai, so I'm afraid I'll probably just walk out and wait till my loan is done with the Elantra (2.5 years yuck).
  • godwheelgodwheel Member Posts: 25

    Check on the edmunds site under NEW and price out the 2008 Optima EX V6 with all the goodies and get a good idea of what the invoice is. The subtract the rebates to get a good starting point. I would offer $1,000 under invoice + rebates to see the response and see where that leaves you (like was mentioned above, new redesigned model, the extras also allow more giggle room for negotiations etc..)

    Report back we'd love to hear an update.
  • backybacky Member Posts: 18,949
    $500 off before rebates is not much these days, as there's at least $1500 (approx.) markup over invoice on that car, plus holdback and possibly other incentives. And it's a closeout on a model that is being refreshed for 2009. Plus the V6 Optimas aren not nearly as popular as the I4s--I've seen 2007 V6s sitting on dealer lots even now. So if I were them I'd shoot for at least another $1000 off or so. If they are not good at negotiating, they should either take someone with them who is good at it, or use a buying service (like Costco).
  • csandstecsandste Member Posts: 1,866
    I agree with Backy. I don't remember paying more than $100 over invoice for any car, ever.
  • bvr1bvr1 Member Posts: 2
    Bought 08 EX l4 pretty loaded, $20,170.00, $15,000.00 plus tax and fee's
  • csandstecsandste Member Posts: 1,866
    Sounds pretty good for an EX. FWIW, the remaining 08's should get big discounts as the 09's come in. I really don't like the 09's styling as well. Has a sixth generation (?)--(two back)-- Honda Accord butt. It's not 1999.
  • delgadobbdelgadobb Member Posts: 1
    Just picked up a brand new 2008 Optima LX w/AT, CC, keyless entry & the standard stuff - PW, PL, AC, CD player for under $12,700 out the door. Oh, the AT gets you steering wheel controls for radio & cruise, but I'm sure most of you already knew that.

    The way the contract read, it was just over $16K for the car (under invoice), less $5400 in rebates (was really $4400, think they made up the last $1000 to get the deal). A little under $11000 before tax, title, doc fee, etc - under $12,700 out the door. I'm sure they did some funny math, I was just ecstatic to get that deal as I had another one on hold at another dealer for $13,692 & was willing to go with it.

    I'm in Las Vegas, agreed with the dealer that I wouldn't mention them by name but there are only a few in the area, so you can narrow it down ... all in the area have lots of inventory, 2009s are just coming out & the rebate just jumped to $4000. Plus, my girlfriend qualified for the college grad rebate, another $400.
  • csandstecsandste Member Posts: 1,866
    Excellent deal--probably the best I've seen, although it makes some of us who paid more a bit more worried about resale.
  • backybacky Member Posts: 18,949
    You bought a Kia, and you are worried about resale? :surprise:

    The sad fact is, Kias in general depreciate pretty rapidly, and unless an Optima has the safety gear that has become commonplace in the mid-sized class now--and standard on the 2009 Optima--namely ABS, traction control, and ESC, it will be hard for them to hold value. Fortunately, there have been great deals on the 06.5+ Optima almost since it arrived, although it's hard to beat the deal that was just posted. I don't know if you can even get a basic Accent or Rio for much less than that these days.
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