Nissan Pathfinder Broken Timing Belt

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Have a 1992 Nissan Pathfinder VG30E engine. The timing belt broke and I am sure that the crankshaft has moved without the camshafts moving. The shop manual states that the valves maybe bent if this happens.
Two questions.
#1 Is there a way to tell if the valves are bent without pulling the heads??
#2 to install a new belt what is the procedure to aline the crackshaft with the two over head camshafts to get the engine back into sync ??


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    where is the location of timing mark for pathfinder v6 2005. or how to do the timing of it ( chain)...thanks in advance
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    Im about to take the thing in to be checked. We replaced the belts on my 02 pathfinder because they were cracked (it was at around 47K miles). Since then every time i start theres a horrible squeal. We made sure the tension was good, the pully's are aligned, nothing out of the ordinary, except for that noise. I checked power steering fluid, brake fluid, AC still works, so it cant be that. My dad thinks its a water pump, but honestly i think this is something minor. Would cleaning the pullys help? what do you suggest, i'm stumped
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    It's definitily the water pump. I am going through the same problem. The car made the sqealing noise when started only for a few seconds then it went away. The water pump completely gave out a few months later. I couldn't figure it out earlier but when the water pump really started leaking water, it was a dead give away. Currently I am in the process of changing the water pump. The problem is the crankshaft pulley bold. I can't figure out which direction to turn the bold to loosen it. I checked out the service manuals but it only says to take the pulley out. No mention of how to take the pulley bold out. I tried using a impact wrech but that didn't take it out. I only had a 9 gallon compressor. I am trying to use a strap wrench I bought at B & B hardware, here in Los Angeles CA on washington Blvd. Very difficult tool to find. I was using a 1/2inch breaker bar but that broke. Now I am getting a 3/4 inch breaker bar and try with that. I also read in some forum that some cars open the crankshaft pulley bold by turning towards the right so I plan to call the dealer tomorrow to confirm. I'll update the forum with the instructions on that. Takeing all the belts and brakets out are easy. Oh by the way, I own a Infiniti QX4 1998. Same engine principle I would think though. I am personally wondering how you were able to take the pulley bolt out in your pathfinder. Also, I am thinking of changing the timing belt while I change the water pump. Any suggestions ?
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    Any resolution on this issue? i am having the same problem with mine. it seams the outer portion of the crankshaft pulley has come loose from where the power steering pump attaches. I cant tell if there is a rubber plug that expands to hold the two pieces together or not. can you tell me what you did to fix this problem?

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    i can almost guarantee that the intake valves are bent. there is "0" clearance for them. i am speaking from experience, cost me $900 to repair it and i got some deals on labor..... just take one valve cover off and you will notice nothing will be moving with rockers losened..... sorry!
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    The Belt of timing should be watched much like you
    would watch a four year child. Kids get into things, and
    if you don"t watch your Belt for timing ,you could be getting
    into your engine. for the non wrench turning peeps
    POCKET!!!!! I say this because I failed to watch my 93
    timing belt and now I"m punished from driving till i put my
    extra Motor in . my org. motor ran like a top,and then the timing belt broke and now don't run at all.

    Get it muddy 4WHEELING
    Life is short NissanShift 4LOW
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    My neighbor has a 2002 Pathfinder and is concerned that there is no mention of a service interval for a timing belt. He and I assume that it has a timing chain with no service interval.
    Right or wrong?

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    i have a 1992 pathfinder and i was wondering where the timing marks are and where to aline them
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    First get her close to TDC, the goal is to get the punch marks on the sprockets in a position that makes it easy to count the teeth in the belt. It's hard to see the punch marks, wipe down the sprockets real good and you'll see em. From right cam punch mark to left cam punch mark, there are 40 teeth between them. From left cam punch mark to crank punch mark, there are 43 teeth between them. (right and left as if you were sitting in the vehicle). It helps to have a buddy when you actually seat the belt. Quadruple count the teeth to be positive. Also, the bearings tend to go bad on the tensioner, easy replacement. You may just wanna buy a kit, the Gates kit has all the teeth mark information, as well as a new tensioner. Hope that helps, you'll feel like a million bucks when you get her singin again!
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