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My mom has an I35. It is that nice pearl white color, sun roof, body is in great shape. Everything inside works, heated seats, steering wheel, etc. After purchase we discovered just how expensive Infinitis are to work on. To save money, she took her car to a local guy who does auto work on the side. He swore he could fix her car, had done good work on our Chevys. So far he has replaced spark plugs, coils, timing chain, camshaft and a head gasket. Now he thinks there might be a piston issue. EVERY time he gets it running again there's a new sound. Is he unintentionally causing damage while he's in there?? He has had it for six months. We gave up and bought her an Impala. Now he is going through a divorce, is moving and won't be able to finish what he started. So what do we do with this car that has a million dollars worth of brand new parts on it? My mom had just replaced the catalytic converters too.


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    Take it to a dealer or professional shop with the right scanners. Cars today are much too complicated for even a talented amateur. The parts cannon approach can get very expensive.

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