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2017 Camaro key fobs

Juiced2010Juiced2010 Member Posts: 1
edited October 2021 in Chevrolet
Buddy has a 2017 Camaro and he needs to change the key fobs out. Basically, one has a split in the back where he's afraid it'd corrode and die and the second one the alarm button is "touchy" where unlocking the door the alarm goes off as well. So he's looking to replace them.

I made the mistake on saying I could get them programmed and he purchased 2 new fobs. Issue is, I can program them but I don't want to make a mistake as the new fobs came with blank keys. For other models, it wasn't an issue as the transmitter in the fob was the important item. But I'm not sure about on the camaro... So I'm just double checking to see if I can reprogram the key fobs to work with the car and use the original keys that came with the vehicle. Going over what I could find, it should work. But, with newer cars and better security features (depending on the vehicle and manufacturer,) I don't want to end up towing it in for a full reprogramming.


2 old but worn out and working key fobs
2 original keys
2 new key fobs- https://www.amazon.com/Remote-433MHz-Button-Chevrolet-Camaro/dp/B08F42M92K
2 key blanks

Procedures being followed


Page 32

Only modification I was going to follow was to use the keys from the old fobs to initiate the programming

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