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My husband and I are looking for a newer used
truck, 96 to 98 chevy or ford. I have been on
these boards and have found things from both
companies that typically go wrong on the K1500
4x4's and the f150 4x4's. Example, I have seen
that people have had a lot of problems with the 96
K1500 4x4 blowing transmissions around 55k miles.
I have seen that with the 97's and up that people
are experiencing problems with door cracks and
clunking in the differentials. It has been a while
since we have owned a truck and seeing that buying
these trucks are like a home mortgage, I wanted
some feedback from some truck experts and good
advise as to which brand of truck that we should
lean toward. I hope that I am not asking too much.


  • tacoma_trdtacoma_trd Member Posts: 135
    I would definitely go with a 97 or 98 F-150 4x4 over the Chevy. As far as all the people I know with them, the people who have the Chevy's are having many more problems than the Ford guys. Personally I think the F-150 is a much better looking truck especially in the 4x4, it also has a higher looking ride high and a very responsive torque filled engine. I just think you are getting a better truck for your money with the Ford.
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    In addition, to getting feedback here in our Town Hall forums, you may want to check with sources such as alldata.com. and the NHTSA to see what kind of tsb's (technical service bulletins), recalls, and problem/complaints have been listed with the used truck you're considering. Good luck. ;-)

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    Have owned both, (2) F150's ('83 & '94), GMC/CHEVIES ('80 GMC, '00 C2500) in addition to numerous S10/Rangers....INCL 4X4'S. Most trouble free were the Fords. Know friends with both, some good, some lemons...buying used 4x4 is risky, however all defects should be repaired by now. Also check very carefully condition of drivetrain. If you can, purchase one coming off two year lease, most cared for. 4x4 very expensive, suggest you research your chosen vehicle. IMHO '97 & up FORD F150's ugly as sin, majority of buyers don't care, FORD F150's outselling all other trucks on planet. Have driven all three including TUNDRA/T100. FORD F150 had better ride, also great power with 4.6 or 5.4. Chevies felt quicker but for 4x4 choose engine with greater torque in lower rpm range. What about Dodge? old engines, but maybe more reliable....all three are heavy trucks. If you plan to keep long time,
    maintain them carefully ie use best plugs, oil, filters...

    Good luck,

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    Get A T100. J.D. Powers just rated it the most dependable full size pickup. This was for the '96 model. The '97 model will probably win the award next year.

    If all you are looking for is a 1/2 ton - you definitely should consider it.

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    The Toyota T-100, regardless of what it's rating, is NOT a fullsize. In most people's definition, a fullsize MUST be available with a V-8. The Tundra is a fullsize. Don't get me wrong, I have high respect for toyota and their quality, but the T100 is not a true 1/2 ton.
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    I have just made the decision that I want to buy used, as it will be more suitable to my pocketbook. I have never owned a truck. I need a regular cab, long bed (6-8 ft.), small V8 with medium to heavy hauling capacity. I own a vintage furniture store and will be loading up the truck with furniture a few times a month aa well as the occasional trailer tow. I drive out of state, about 1000 miles a month, at least. Did I mention I am a girl. I doubt that matters, as I don't want a "girlie truck." Any leads on used buys?
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    So since I got a Tundra with a V6, its not fullsize, even though it has the same dimensions as the V8.

    Bad argument.
  • tundradudetundradude Member Posts: 588
    The same would be true for Ford , Chevy, and Dodge with their V6's.
  • chevytruck_fanchevytruck_fan Member Posts: 432
    Actually the Tundra is still quite a bit smaller than the F150 Silverado 1500 or the Ram 1500. Toyota is still not quite full-size
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    I happen to like GM, but they all make good trucks. Buying used to save money can be tricky. You probably don't want one that some business let 50 kids drive it for deliveries. If you can find one that the previous owner kept good maintenance records, and it doesn't show more time in the shop than on the road, you will probably do ok. Good luck.

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