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I'm looking to buy an 07 outback wagon and was wondering if you can fit a carseat and 2 adults in the backseat. This would just be every once in a while so it doesn't have to be super comfortable.




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    I have 05 Legacy GT sedan and I have 3 daughters (14, 12 and 4). They hate to be driven in my car and prefer 03 Passat wagon.

    They claim that Legacy is narrower, not to mention that sloping roof of a sedan intrudes into head space.

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    I have friends who have a Forester - they can get 2 adults in the back with a childseat, although they say it's no fun for the adults. We just bought an Outback today, but I can't comment yet on the backseat space (we have a 4-yr-old who will ride back there, plus any other adults)...
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    I would have to agree that, with the car seat, two adults *would* fit, but it would not be comfortable for very long of a drive. My wife and I sat in the back seat together to get a feel for the space. Really, this car is a 4-seater with belts for 5, in case you MUST carry that many, but more than about 20-30 minutes would get real uncomfortable. It feels a lot smaller than our 1996 OB wagon, but I think that is mostly because the '96 had a bench seat and the new seat is highly bolstered. Very comfortable without something in the center, though!

    I will tell you now that latching seatbelts with a car seat in the center is going to be a bit of a chore unless the car seat will shift a little from side to side.
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    I can squeeze that amount in my '98 Forester and the new Outbacks are a lot wider. Plus the wagons have lots more headroom.

    My suggestion is to try it out. But a booster in the middle and have 2 adults sit outboard.

    The Tribeca is very comfortable in that seating arrangement.

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    We are looking at getting 2007 or 2008 Outback 2.5i. Has anyone had experience with the 2007 cloth upholstery in terms of confort and wear. The 2008 looks a little better, but it doesn't look as sturdy. Thanks
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    I have an 07 Outback with cloth. It has only 8500 miles right now, but cloth shows no wear. The seats are firm, but extremely comfortable even on long drives (6+ hours, I usually take one 5 minute break part-way through).

    The bolsters do seem to be sensitive to mechanical cleaning (vacuum cleaner)and "fuzz" a little when cleaned this way.
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    I can't comment on the newest models, but we have a 2001 Forester S (163K miles) with a very soft, velour-like cloth upholstery and a 2003 Outback (80K miles) with cloth. Except for a small grease stain on one of the OB seats, the upholstery itself has held up incredibly well, as has the seat padding. The driver's seats on both don't give any indication that they have nearly a quarter million miles between them!

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