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Ford Expedition Climate Control Problems



  • Ok after hearing alot of people talk about is the fix! It is the blend door..from ford they are made of plastic and over time they break. There is a guy that has a fix for it..infact my husband fixed mine with his kit and now the blend door will outlast the life of the rig. If you do a search for this online you will find his repair along with instructions and video. I will tell you that his kit is way cheaper and it is easier than taking it to the dealership.

    sorry i dont have his link to give to you but all I did was a search for it and he came up.

    Ok I found is
  • Could be as simple (annoying) as a vacuum leak or as big as a broken blend door.
  • When the heat wnt out it went form back to front back blew cold air then after awhile the front did the same thang iv had it flushed 3 times and did get some heat then after a few hours of the car not running no heat all lines front and back are really hot iv changed water pump, thermostat, pressure cap, and even flushed it again still nothing so i opend up the rear heater core and that was hot then i learned that it really cools down when u put the fan on it without air blowing on it i could barley touch it put fan on full speed and within seconds i could grab the core and no heat at all so i replaced the core and still the same thing. Well im stuck i dont know what to do all doors work at the rear unit what could the problem be. I have been told that if the front core is plugged that should not effect the flow to the back is that true or could the front core be the problem what else could it be please help im tired of frezzing
  • where is the fire wall located at?
  • That would be the piece of metal that separates the passenger cabin from the engine bay.
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    People do respond when they have answers.

    Your problem could be due to a number of things. Have you considered replacing the heater core?

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  • This might be lengthy, but it is detailed, "HELP" I have a 98 Expedition 4.6L Winsor motor (few left the shop with this engine) Here goes. Temp reads normal (1/3 on gauge) as I drive 50+ mph, turn off onto an exit and the temp gauge slowly (2-3mins) goes almost to cold then immediately taps out at HOT. (It doesn't rise gradually, just takes off) Turn the ignition key off, wait 10-30 seconds, turn on and reading normal again. She idles normally at 850 with a normal temp, rev to 1500 for a few minutes and it tops out at HOT again. No heat through front vents, rear was ok, now no heat through rear either. Replaced thermostat (195 oem), flushed engine with an after market reverse fluch kit, changed water pump, changed temp sensors, change degause tank (resivoir), same overrheating issues. NOTE, the top radiator hose does not get warm. Ran the car without the termostat and the hose gets warm, so I'm guessing the replaced water pump is working w/o the termostat. Without the thermostat, at idle and all speeds, the needle is steady right at the top of the "C" (cold) and doesn't vary. (of course not heat) Tried a 180 degree thermostat to no avail. Changed thermostat 3x in a week (all newly purchased), thinking I may have gotten a bad one. Upper hose still does not get warm. Changed oil and dropped tranny pan to change filter and fluid. No water in oil or tranny fluid, same the other way around, antifreeze is clean. Funny thing, I got heat a few times for a few minutes when the temp gauge tops out at HOT. Heard it may be an airpocket, so I drilled and tapped the thermostat housing to bleed the air. Even filled with upper hose disconned at radiator till I saw antifreeze run out. I'm running the truck right now w/o the thermostat. I know this is not a good idea with everything electronic running the variables fuel, timing, etc. The only thing I haven't changed was the fan clutch. I believe this shouldn't have anything to do with this, however I need to keep busy or I'll go insane. Any help on this one would be appreciated. BTW I do have a fix for the EGR error code that comes up on these trucks too. That'll be posted in a few days
  • I forgot to say when I mentiioned about not having any cross contamination between fluids, there is also NO steam or water comming throught he exhaust, thus I don't believe it is a head gasket. Thanks again for any replies, even it it's a "Dunno" Thanks
  • Did you ever figure out what was wrong with yours? Mine has the same symptoms, and I was going down the same path to fix it (you said you'd already replaced the heater core). I tore it down last night, intent on replacing the heater core, but after I verified that the blend door was working, I started the car and let it warm up. The heater core got hot to the touch, which made me rethink -- it seems like it's flowing coolant and getting hot. I then reassembled everything, and I still get airflow that's only a few degrees warmer than if I were running the cold, outside air through it.... Looking for answers. Anyone?
  • Sounds to me like it is the temp control knob - it is either spinning on it's shaft or the resistor behind it is no good.
  • But if it were the temp control knob, the blend door wouldn't be going from max open to max close, would it? The blend door is working perfectly (I cut a small observation hole in the plenum and can watch it work.)
  • Good point. While you had this all disassembled and felt the core getting hot, did you try to run the heat? Do you have rear heat and does it work?
  • I do have rear heat, and it's not working either. I haven't found the heater core for the rear yet, although playing around down by the firewall yesterday, I think I located the hoses going to it. I checked the front heater core, and both input and output hoses were hot, so it seems to be getting flow. When I switch the heater on, I get warm air for a few seconds, and then it seems like the airflow quickly cools the heater core, and the air temp then drops. Odd. I'm planning on calling Ford service today to see if I can get any troubleshooting help, but I'm close to stumped. Any thoughts? (Thanks.)
  • Have you flushed the heater core? I'd guess that it is plugged based on the fact that it is getting warm but as soon as the air flow goes over it it cannot keep up. Even a trickle will allow the hoses to get warm. I think the front and rear share a heater core which would support this idea.
  • I have a 1998 Expedition XLT; rear heat/AC are located in rear driver side, side panel. Should see vents along side panel. FYI

    I have very similar problem:

    1998 Ford Expedition 4WD, 4.6L Engine EFI-SOHC, V-8
    Heater blows hot air for a short time then air turns cooler.
    Has front and rear climate control, same problem front and rear
    Engine does not seem to get to operating temp range. Temp guage gets about 1/4 the way, I have a non-contact infrared thermometer and constantly check the engine temp near the coolant temp sensor and it barely gets over 170 degrees.
    No signs of heater core leaks. With engine warm hose to heater core 135-140 degrees and hose out about 120-125 degrees.
    Have removed center console; can view Blend door actuator motor shaft move (seems like 180 degrees) when moving temp control from full cold to full warm
    Normal coolant system flushed
    Heater cores not flushed independently
    New coolant temp sending unit
    3-New thermostats

    A/C works great front and rear
  • blend door is located in front of the center console. remove console itis on the right three mounting screws hold it in has one electrical connector
  • back flush heater cores with garden hose
  • I have a 99 eddie bauer 5.4l v8 and no heat
    I have replaced the thermostat and then my radiator thinking it may be clogged. My blend door actuator is working fine despite what my mechanic told me. I have no heat in either front or back. I'm replacing the water pump next. I have no evidence that either heater core is bad. I have two children that are freezing (using blankets to stay warm). HELP PLEASE
  • How do you know your blend door is working fine? Have you considered flushing the heater core?
  • because we took out the dash and checked it to see if it was working,we have not flushed the heater cores because it is very unlikely that both heater cores would fail at the same exact time.
  • I have a 98 XLT with no-heat front and rear also. I was thinking heater core as well until I realized there is a seperate heater core for the AUX/rear heat and thought no way would they both be clogged BUT:

    My heater hoses come out from behind the engine and then go to a tee (line through firewall to front core and another line going to the rear.) I'm thinking both heater cores could be clogged because they share the lines. I plan to flush the front core & rear and the hose and hope it helps before I start replacing expensive parts.

    I will let you know if it works. Open to your or anyones thoughts. I also plan to try and find a way to check the water pump efficiency without having to remove it because it's a PAIN!

    Good luck!
  • I will let you know as well. Good Luck to you too, we are hoping to pull apart mine tomorrow morning.
  • I have the same truck , same problem i did the flush and it didn't work at all then the repair shop told me my heater core is bad and so is my blender door motor.... they change my temp gauge and water pump .... nothing worked ... my truck is so cold i brought an portable heater ...... :mad:
  • What type of portable heater did you buy?
  • actually i brought two one at target for ten buck that's for the home but i run an extension cord from my house to my truck to warm the inside , then at advance auto they have the portable that plugs into the lighter socket ... for 23 dollars but u need at least three just to have warm heat........
  • OK

    I had looked into the DC type heaters. I figured with there output it wouldn't be worth it because we usually only need heat early in the morning here in Las Vegas, NV. It gets pretty cold in the early morning so I have an small shop blower hearter I run an extension cord from garage to the truck which really helps.

    Thanks for the info.

  • I hope this works for u ..... let me knw ;)
  • My AC is blowing on high and I can't turn it off or down??
  • I'm having the same problem as everyone else on my 98 expedition; No heat front or back. Blend door is working fine. Swapped the thermostat but I noticed my heater hoses aren't getting hot or even warm. I was planning to flush the heater core but can't figure out how to access the hoses. Any suggestions? Photos or video would be helpful.
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