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Edmunds Tested: Electric Car Range and Consumption | Edmunds Member, Administrator, Moderator Posts: 10,184
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imageEdmunds Tested: Electric Car Range and Consumption | Edmunds

Which EVs have the best electric car range? The EPA provides range estimates for every electric vehicle, but they don't test EV range in the real world -- and Edmunds does. Read all the latest real-world EV test results from the Edmunds experts.

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  • AlthotosAlthotos Member Posts: 1
    Very valuable insight. Thanks.
  • JohnrewJohnrew Member Posts: 1

    First hand experience driving an 70% on highways and interstate, the max range is about 200 miles.

  • MWCHMWCH Member Posts: 1
    ioniq 5 or ev6 coming up?
  • Mel_MannMel_Mann Member Posts: 1
    I don't know how they are driving their Teslas, but I have a 2018 M3P and I routinely get more mileage than they did in their testing - which they say is conservative. I'm not driving that conservative, either, and I'm still getting way more than that with degradation. Something about their testing for Teslas is way off, they are the only outlet that is consistently this low. I don't charge full often, but I hit 275 miles from 100% to 9% on a trip I took recently.

    The EPA numbers for Tesla have always been off in general, because for whatever reason the way the EPA tests benefits Tesla vehicles in the opposite direction.

    Also, there is no way a 2019 Kona is going to hit 300 miles like that in real world usage. My sister has one and she usually gets around 240.

    While data like this is useful at times, it's not going to tell you much because different EV's are good at different things. For example, a Tesla might get significantly lower mileage in cooler weather than a Leaf, for example. Not to mention with real-world situations climate control power usage varies greatly between cars. Things aren't linear between manufacturers.
  • dakine2dakine2 Member Posts: 1
    where is Lucid? it should be #1
  • Jello13Jello13 Member Posts: 1

    What about the Jaguar iPace? Didn’t even make the list and it goes further than the Mini Cooper? At full charge it’s around 230 miles for range.

  • B_C1B_C1 Member Posts: 1

    What's the size of the Mercedes battery pack?

  • LastGasLastGas Member Posts: 2
    So why, precisely, have you not tested the highest-range Tesla (Model S Long Range with EPA rating of 405 miles)? If you're constructing a "Leader Board," it doesn't make a lot of sense to avoid the best of breed from Tesla.
  • LastGasLastGas Member Posts: 2
    edited November 2021
    B_C1 said:

    What's the size of the Mercedes battery pack?

    It's 108 kWh.
  • 6sptl6sptl Member Posts: 27
    The biggest problem with the EPA is the "fudge" factor. Its a real fudge. The EPA test is in all reality a motor performance test. By definition its doesn't take into consideration how the "whole" vehicle performs. All those little aerodynamic tricks really do come into play over long distances. Everyone whines about the EQS "boring" shape. What they don't realize is that shape has been extraordinarily engineered by a company that has been at the forefront of wind tunnel testing for 100years... Aerodynamics not only determines how "slippery" the car is it also determines how the airflow is managed for battery cooling and is thus critical for battery management.
  • Biased_MaybeBiased_Maybe Member Posts: 1

    Tesla Model S Long Range with 19in rims has EPA range of 405 miles. Why is this missing from the list?

  • 6sptl6sptl Member Posts: 27

    @Johnrew said:
    First hand experience driving an 70% on highways and interstate, the max range is about 200 miles.

    Thats the crux of the differece, the highway percentage. EV's are least efficient on the highway contrary to gasoline vehicles. Thats why aerodynamics are so crucial. The higher the cruising speed the more electrons needed to simply overcome air resistance. Thus Mercedes simple, unadorned shape. Form follows function.

  • bbourabboura Member Posts: 1
    edited January 11
    Do you know when Ioniq 5 will be tested?
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