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Your New BMW Might Not Have a Touchscreen | Edmunds

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imageYour New BMW Might Not Have a Touchscreen | Edmunds

The chip shortage is still wreaking havoc on car companies, and BMW has just decided to pull the touchscreen from some of its cars.

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  • jldejlde Member Posts: 1
    NO, I have a X3 M40i on order. Without the touchscreen I would cancel!
  • MikeNHMikeNH Member Posts: 1
    Maybe $500 AND a voucher for a hardware update/install when they are able to source the parts.

    Or maybe a big enough discount to make it worth it, but it'd have to be in the 10-20% range - waaaay more than $500.

    Otherwise, I'd either wait, or buy a different car. Easy for me to say though, as I recently bought my M340i with a touchscreen.
  • shafeshafe Member Posts: 1
    i'd buy an audi instead solely due to the touch screen ( well.. audi does have a much better sound system too... :X )
  • sunnykkimsunnykkim Member Posts: 2
    Definitely considering canceling mine if they won't offer voucher.
  • Truth101Truth101 Member Posts: 1
    I’m canceling my order for BMW X5.It’s ready to be delivered but for the amount I pay, I don’t want it I rather get rid of the Gesture control.
  • I am glad about this! I love the cars that have no touch screen! We will be going back to the old cars yeaah!
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