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I just purchased a 2004 X-Type with very low mileage. I was offered an extended warranty at the dealership. 5 year 75,000 mile for $3,500.00. That only extended my present warranty by one year and 25,000 miles. That seems rather expensive to me. That also has a $200.00 deductible. I can get an extended Ford ESP warranty for 6 yr 100,000 miles for $1,500 less. Any suggestions about extended warranties for this X-Type Jag?


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    You might want to check into our generic Extended Warranties discussion while you are waiting for some input here.

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    I have Continental Extended Warranty. Purchased one month BEFORE factory warranty expired. (7/100,000 miles.)Effective the day the factory one expired.

    It cost - $2,500.00 and they have payment plans for 6 mos. The plan has the same coverage as one offered by Jaguar, which I beleive is NOT a factory warranty either.

    Hope this helps.
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    Thanks for the info. I talked to Continental and they told me $3,600.00. $200.00 more than the Jag Dealer. I talked to Ford since they own Jag and I can get the same deal for $2,100.00 with a Ford ESP warranty.
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    I am deciding between an extended warranty offered by Jaguar called "Jaguar Extra Mile" vs. another warranty by "Easy Care Vehicle Service Contracts" (administered by APCO).
    I have an '04 X-Type, 24,000 miles so still under original warranty. Any advice on which of these two plans may be better? Thanks for any insight.
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    Hi, I've just purchased a 2.5 auto se x type 2004 from an independant. It has a knocking noise under acceleration which sounds like a cam fault. The engine when revved stationary sounds smooth though. I have taken it to main jag dealer who has told me the noise is normal and in fact it is noisier on the 3.0. The thing is though it is so obtrusive it detracts from the driving pleasure, V6's are so smooth but this is notwhen driven, I have 1 week left on my warranty could someone urgently advise whether this noise IS normal for this model?
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    I was quoted 3 year or 36,000 mile warranty through Ford's ESP for a used 2005 Jaguar X for $2,040 by a Ford dealer. A Jaguar dealer quoted me $2,265 for a 2004 Jaguar X for the Jag Certified Pre-owned warranty, up to 100,000 miles through 2/18/2012. I hate negotiating but wondered if anyone could give me any advice on how much room I have to bargain for a lower warranty price? THANKS
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    I purchased an extended warranty for my 2004 jag last year just before my basic warranty ran out for 2,125. (reduced from 2,800 after i rejected this high amount) from "Service Protection Direct". It's for 5 more years (2013) or 100k miles. It's better then the offer Jaguar had for 3,600 for 3 years or 36k miles.
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    Can somebody please tell me how I could get a reliable warranty on my newly bought 2003 Jaguar x-type. The vehicle has 100k miles on it. I want to insure myself with the warranty in case of any future problem.
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