TESTED: 2022 Mercedes-Benz EQS Sets New Edmunds EV Range Record | Edmunds

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imageTESTED: 2022 Mercedes-Benz EQS Sets New Edmunds EV Range Record | Edmunds

Edmunds tested the all-new 2022 Mercedes-Benz EQS 450+ to see how far it goes on a full battery charge. Its official EPA-estimated range is 350 miles, but EV range can vary in the real world. Here's how the first modern Mercedes production EV fared in our testing.

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  • SuperplatypusSuperplatypus Member Posts: 1
    Imagine in places like Québec and Manitoba kwh prices are about half of those in Washington State and its all green hydroelectric power as well.
  • jedi2155jedi2155 Member Posts: 2

    Compare it against a Lucid Air and report back.

  • phatmanphatman Member Posts: 1

    0-60 time? single motor RWD, did I read that right? why would you even compare with 3 motor Tesla Plaid?

  • metallionmetallion Member Posts: 1
    ..and it's driven at what average velocity?
  • Dolfan01Dolfan01 Member Posts: 1
    So if you wnted to drive 500 miles in a day (about 9 - 10 hours), you would drive for a little over 400, then have to wait 20 hours to charge the batteries so you could begin again. Even if you only charged it to a quarter capacity, that would take 4 hours, compared to 5 minutes to fill the tank with gas. Easy decision for me.
  • RobertC1954RobertC1954 Member Posts: 1
    My S 550 is getting 25 mpg on a combined highway and local driving to a location 78 miles away. The efficiency monitoring says I’m between 98 and 100% efficient in my driving pattern, so I drive like the old man I am. The EQS is a nice looking car, but I’m planning a trip of 1280 mile between homes in Maine and Florida, and want to do it in two days. I can afford the $200 or so difference in price for the gasoline, my time is worth far more than that. I need to keep my 2015 model, and will stick with gasoline models until the range is more like 1000-1500 miles with the EV.
  • ChasRenoChasReno Member Posts: 1
    EV's great Idea... Am I dreaming ... don't we have peak hour gray/blackouts without them! Infrastructure ain't going to hackit! Solar needs to be supplemented with NUC..... Can see power shortage on the list with toilet paper and food. Reality is second car for short commute and grocery/shopping runs after the novelty runs out over next 5 years.
  • Telcontar46Telcontar46 Member Posts: 1
    Range per tankful of fuel vs KWh battery storage of a particular vehicle is useful information. and with improvements in lithium based battery technology the range is increasing nicely. However, as the gentleman with homes in Maine and Florida demonstrates, even a 420 mile range between fillips, one has a serious problem when filli-up takes 20 hours, or even 10 or 5. It causes any trip that exceeds roughly 400 miles, more or less, to take an additional day just to recharge the battery bank, and that means a hotel/motel room and a day of eating out. Until the industry can develop a satisfactory means of recharging batteries or, perhaps, of swapping out interchangeable battery banks (similar to how we deal with propane tanks), the lengthy driving trips that Americans now take for granted will be thing of the past, and airplanes, trains and busses will become the new norm whether we like it or not.
  • bglallenbglallen Member Posts: 1
    Hydrogen fuel cells charge rapidly, and are very safe. Focus on that technology Mercedes.
  • LookUpLucidLookUpLucid Member Posts: 1
    Lucid air dream editions: 520 miles. Lucid Grand Touring: 516 miles. Fastest charging car on earth, too.

    Update your blog posts, the EQS with 422 is #3.
  • teramaxteramax Member Posts: 1
    With the range of these vehicles in the ~300 to ~400, , either be Tesla or MB or any, it would be good to know how long it would take someone to use such a vehicle to travel beyond its range limit for long drives. ie. from NorCal to SoCal.

    Cars in the 238 range can be assumed to be used in more of a local area scenario but when you have vehicles with such large ranges and in 6 figures $$$, then perhaps the expectation of such a car will be used in a more larger/longer capacity drive.

    Some #'s or caparison similar to your gas saving analysis would be useful?
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