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imageFord Mustang Mach-E GT vs. Tesla Model Y Performance: The Mustang Has a Power Problem | Edmunds

Our official test of the Ford Mustang Mach-E GT Performance Edition revealed some troubling limitations for enthusiasts despite the impressive numbers. Read on to see what we discovered in a comparison between the Mustang Mach-E GT and the Tesla Model Y Performance.

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  • rj_xtrail_2rj_xtrail_2 Member Posts: 16

    Not me, I will buy a fully loaded Mustang Mach-e GT Performance.

  • sberry54sberry54 Member Posts: 1
    As a Tesla owner (3 Performance), can I ask how Autopilot is a step below Blue Cruise in your opinion when Autopilot changes lanes and merges on the highway, takes exists to other highways, and has a louder chime when engaging/disengaging it over Blue Cruise? Doesn't make much sense to me when I don't feel they're really in the same league. Not even talking about FSD here...
  • ufcfanaticufcfanatic Member Posts: 1
    what a POS the Mach E is after reading this !!!!!! LMFAO
  • PLCFPLCF Member Posts: 2
    Dear Ford, please make the Track Pack that is a figment of my imagination real. The Track Pack includes carbon fiber wheels and 1.5 kWh of ultra capacitors. The ultra capacitors could really help with the battery's limited peak power output.
  • PLCFPLCF Member Posts: 2
    Edmunds, what mode was the Mach E in?
  • 0t60MachEGTPE0t60MachEGTPE Member Posts: 1
    I took first world-wide customer delivery of a Mustang Mach-E GT - and it's the Performance Edition on August 19th. Lots of excitement on forums about it, and was "persuaded" to take it to a drag strip. I went on August 29th and posted on Mach-E forum, now having 79,000 views and 1,200 replies. Caused a stir, for sure, so this power limit was "outed" back in August, with results being 12.65 seconds @ 100mph. (Unbridled mode, not Unbridled Extend, later Ford recommends Engage which I haven't tried). Best initial tests had 3.78 seconds 0 to 60. I absolutely love the car - I call it "head bumping" power for street driving, truly incredible burst of speed. But certainly not the full GT power expected that would last certainly more than 5 seconds!
  • SpartySparty Member Posts: 1
    I will still purchase the Mustang Mach E GT....the Tesla is a facade that appeals to tree hugging morons that do not know quality when they see it / feel it / drive it. The Tesla continues to be held up as the prima dona when in reality the fit & finish, interior quality, and overall reliability are piss poor. Fake news in the media once again attract morons to spend their hard earned money on crap !!!
  • brotherleabrotherlea Member Posts: 1
    Boost? Recharge? Good luck with muddying the waters, Ford.
  • priceless530priceless530 Member Posts: 1

    They should have called it a Ford Escort GT or something fresh and waited to make a two door electric mustang when battery technology caught up. This is not a mustang. Thats enough reason not to buy one for me alone. I’m routing for Ford because I like to see competition and other manufacturers enter the electric car scene but the numbers and development is far behind compared to Tesla. Ford knows their dye hard customers better than I do but I do think it’s a very odd marketing decision on their part to call their loudest coolest vehicle into a mom car and tarnish the name like that.

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