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Trying to troubleshoot high idle P0509

curiousvcuriousv Member Posts: 3
edited November 2021 in Chevrolet
2001 Chevy metro 4 cylinder automatic with about 155k miles.
Replaced head and head gasket and I believe the mechanic/ my friend did good work - he is perfectionist.
But what he missed?
1. I tried spraying carb cleaner - around intake - all 10 bolts - as well as vacuum hoses but no change in idle.
2. I blocked throttle body opting with card board and car stalls/dies immediately - does it confirm that there is no leak?
3. I have removed the plastic cover/cap of intake control valve - ...u can see pic I have uploaded - u can see magnetic plunger that has a little play (not up and down but turn in circle) is this normal ?
4. Do I have to disconnect ISC from throttle body and clean it ? I guess so but is there any gasket ? if so how can I find replacement gasket once I remove it?
5. Can someone post pics of vacuum hoses/routing - also can someone show which of the 2 small coolant hoses that attaches to ISC - goes to water pump pipe?
6. Is there any proper procedure to clean throttle body when it is not bolted on to intake ? ie. its on bench
7. I made sure gas pedal is tight and only have about 1/4" slack
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