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Passenger Weight Classification Sensor

pjawzpjawz Member Posts: 1
edited December 2021 in Hyundai
Hello All,

I had an airbag light on in my car. upon taking it to the dealership (and paying almost $300) they told me that the issue is the passenger side weight sensor. I know this is a relatively common occurrence with this model. The dealership quoted me $1000 to fix it. Looked online and the part is 1/10 of that. My goal is to get it replaced and get the ABS light off on my dash because I'm looking to sell the vehicle very soon. an auto shop told me that I would need a Hyundai reader to re-program it. is this true? The light still comes on and off. I am just looking for the cheapest option to have the light turned off. Any advice will help!
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