Is this repair and service reasonable in nyc?

zucesanzucesan Member Posts: 1
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Is this reasonable? I recently have my subaru outback's front struct replaced, rear brake rotor and brake pad replaced as well as 4 wheel alignment, plus minor service like air filter and oil change. Total comes up with $1800. I was surprised but want to know if this is reasonable in nyc.


  • dohturdimadohturdima Member Posts: 14
    If this is a dealership, then yes. If an indy shop, it's a $500 north of what is reasonable. Ask around.
  • Edge87Edge87 Member Posts: 43
    That doesnt look like a dealership invoice. It looks like an aftermarket shop. For NYC, price is in line for the area. More importantly, were quality parts installed & are they guaranteed? Next time, I suggest getting a quote first then shop around for the best price. Not the other way around.
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