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Need a replacement navigation CD for an '06 Mariner

krunchyfroggkrunchyfrogg Member Posts: 2
edited March 2014 in Mercury
I'm about to close in on a purchase of a used '06 Mercury Mariner hybrid, with the navigation system. Unfortunately, the car does not have the navigation CD.

Where can I get one of these?

How much should it cost me?


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    karlskarls Member Posts: 7
    Unfortunately, the news is not good. Apparently the CD is part of a set, and it costs $200 to replace the set. I'm not sure about the Mariner hybrid, but the web site for the 2007 FEH navigation (with the 2005 CD (most current)) is:

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    krunchyfroggkrunchyfrogg Member Posts: 2
    Thanks. I kinda figured that.

    What about ebay? I read about "Ford, Lincoln, Mercury Navteq Navigation discs," but how do I know they're the right ones?
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    karlskarls Member Posts: 7
    I dunno. I'd be suspicious, especially since the MMH isn't listed on the GPS CDs issuer's web site, (above).

    I only use one of the CDs,... for the Mid-Atlantic. I worry about it getting scratched/warped and having to purchase an entire set of (old old old) 12 CDs just for the one CD I need. :sick:
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    waltawalta Member Posts: 13
    "(with the 2005 CD (most current))"

    Am I the only one who is unhappy with 2007 FEH/MMH's being delivered to customers with 2005 map data disks?

    Map data, like milk, expires. So, I am as happy with Ford upon coming home only to find I have 2 year old map disks, as I would if I came home from the supermarket and found I had just bought 2 year old milk.

    And with the 2008 models going to DVD, I doubt Ford will ever bother to ever do a CD update.
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    smosiellosmosiello Member Posts: 1
    Hey karls, wanna part with a North East and a disc that includes Arizona? ;)
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