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Infiniti M35x vs Lexus GS 350 AWD

allagarooallagaroo Member Posts: 88
edited April 2014 in INFINITI
Now that Lexus has upgraded the horsepower to 303 the equation may have changed. My lease is about to expire on my'03 Audi A6 2,7T w/ quattro and the main prerequisite for my next car is AWD. I have narrowed it down to the GS350 and the M35X and have test driven both of them. The Lexus is now quicker off the line and in passing situations than the M. The M handles better as best as I could tell since the test run in the Lexus was on straight roads in traffic. The Lexus is quieter, more refined and more luxurious feeling but the M is sportier and more fun to drive. The M steering has more feedback and the Lexus steering feels somewhat disconnected in comparison.The Lexus is smaller inside and has a tiny trunk. It appears that the technology in the M is better somewhat. The M doesn't have automatic door locking which I like and in order to get HID headlights you need to order the advanced tech package( which has features I don't want) and then add on another $800 for the lights. The Infiniti dealerships are more high pressure and the Lexus dealerships are far classier however I have no idea who has better service.
Now that the Lexus has upped the hp I'm curious to hear opinions on preferences. I change my mind every day.


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    mwgmwg Member Posts: 28
    I can understand Allegaro's quandry. Before I bought my M35X 9 months ago I was torn between the Infiniti and the Lexus. Lexus's outstanding quality reputation, and the fact that it is the leading selling luxury car in the country makes it difficult to make another choice. What convinced me was the overwhelming choice of the Infiniti by all the car magazines and Consumer's Reports. I figured that these writers are substantiaLY more sensitive to the nuances and differences between the cars than I am. Furthermore, they generally drive these cars for a full week. I am confident that I made the right decision. You seem to have a good appreciation of the primary differnces between the two cars. The bottom line is that you can't go wrong with either of these cars. The are both top of the line.

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    allagarooallagaroo Member Posts: 88
    Thanks EmGee. Most of the car mag's discuss the GS 300 not the 350. It was the acceleration and quiteness of the Lexus that has me considering it. Have you found the M noisy at highway speeds?
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    achonkoachonko Member Posts: 51
    Have you thought about the Acura RL, Audi A6 and the BMW 535xi? Test drive the RL and A6, you might be interested, and if you are in no hurry, you may want to test drive the 535xi in April as well.
    Good luck
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    allagarooallagaroo Member Posts: 88
    Funny you should say that! I currently have a '03 A6 2.7T that's coming off lease and had a '00. I love the car and had planned to get another one until I heard how much the lease payments went up (over$200 mnth). I drove a friend of mine to NJ to pick up a A8 he purchased and the mgr. told me about a $2500 owners loyalty that had just commenced. I went to my local dealer the next day and he was aware of it and saved me a little over the NJ dealer plus the obvious convenience. Left a deposit and will pick car up in March when my lease expires. I was going to order the M35X the next day!!!!!!!!!
    2007 A6 3.2Q Black/Black
    18" wheels w/ all seasons 245/40
    heated steering wheel
    Audi care
    Thanks for the Advice!
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    bibimkimbibimkim Member Posts: 1
    This is uncanny. I previously drove an 02 Audi A6 2.7t and narrowed my search down to the M35x and the GS350 awd. Like yourself, a prerequisite for my next vehicle is that it had to be AWD. After driving a number of awd cars in this price segment (A6 3.2 quattro, BMW 530xi, Lexus GS350 awd and Infiniti M35x) I quickly narrowed it down to the infiniti and lexus. Both cars clearly excelled in fit, finish, features, performance and price. My observations are as follows: M35x is clearly more of a driver's car and although it lacks the extra horses that GS 350 comes equipped with, it felt more torquey throughout the powerband, whereas the lexus peaked at about 4000rpm. In terms of driver feedback, the M35x gets the nod...precise steering, agile cornerning for a 2 ton vehicle, hardly a trace of over or understeer...its stability on the road definitely lends itself to increased driver confidence. No doubt, the bumps and ruts are more pronounced than the GS...but such is the drawbacks for having stiffer suspension and a bigger tire/wheel package. As for creature comforts, both offer similar standard features...really comes down to personal taste. Personally, I was wowed by the layout of the M35x's dash and console....very user friendly with intelligent layout of buttons and knobs. And the wood trim rocks! An understated and classy rosewood finish. In terms of price, you will get a far better deal on the M35x. Not sure what they have in store for March but they are running a great lease special for Feb. 27 months/I paid $3200 out of pocket (includes bank fee, 1st month payment, taxes, dealer admin fee, minimal cap cost reduction) and I'm paying $419/month....although I probably could have gotten a better deal if I nickle and dimed a bit more....bottom line, salesguys are the same everywhere! Definitely work out your numbers before you walk in so there are no surprises. A great tool to have is Leasepro. Check it out. Hope this helps!
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    snuggy3814snuggy3814 Member Posts: 3
    I have been car hunting and have narrowed it down to the GS350 & the MS35X. I have read comments on purchaes on both vehicles and am still having a hard time deciding which car to purchase. I heard a rumor recently that Infinity is possibly pulling out of the US. If this is true what will that do to the value of Infinity autos? Has anyone heard this rumor? Can anyone give me add'l info to help me make a decision on my purchase?
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    twq83twq83 Member Posts: 19
    Third Party Comparison:

    2007 Lexus
    GS 350
    4dr Sedan AWD (3.5L 6cyl 6A)

    2007 Infiniti
    x AWD 4dr Sedan AWD (3.5L 6cyl 5A)

    change change
    Pricing Lexus
    Advantages GS 350 M35
    MSRP* $46,100 $44,550

    Warranty Lexus
    Advantages GS 350 M35
    Roadside 4 yr. / Unlimited mi. 4 yr. / 60000 mi.
    Colors Lexus
    Advantages GS 350 M35
    Exterior Color Chips 10 Available 8 Available
    Base Engine Lexus
    Advantages GS 350 M35
    Horsepower 303 hp @ 6200 rpm 275 hp @ 6200 rpm
    Torque 274 ft-lbs. @ 3600 rpm 268 ft-lbs. @ 4800 rpm
    Tires and Wheels Lexus
    Advantages GS 350 M35
    Front Tires 225/50R17 W
    run flat 245/45R18 V
    all season
    Tires 225/50R17 W
    run flat 245/45R18 V
    all season
    Roof and Glass Lexus
    Advantages GS 350 M35
    Front wipers - intermittent variable
    Front wipers - rain sensing Optional Not Available
    Seating Lexus
    Advantages GS 350 M35
    Driver Seat Ventilated Optional Not Available
    Passenger Seat Ventilated Optional Not Available
    Power Features Lexus
    Advantages GS 350 M35
    Power Retractable Outside Mirrors
    Standard Not Available
    Convenience Lexus
    Advantages GS 350 M35
    Exterior Entry Lighting Standard Not Available
    Comfort Lexus
    Advantages GS 350 M35
    Air Filtration interior active
    charcoal air filter interior air filtration
    Memorized Settings Lexus
    Advantages GS 350 M35
    Number of Drivers 3 2
    Passenger Seat Standard Not Available
    Safety Features Lexus
    Advantages GS 350 M35
    Brakes - Front ventilated disc
    13.1 in. diameter
    1.2 in. width ventilated disc
    12.6 in. diameter
    1.1 in. width
    Brakes - Rear ventilated disc
    12.2 in. diameter
    .7 in. width ventilated disc
    12.1 in. diameter
    .6 in. width
    Side Air Bag dual front and dual front
    dual rear
    Knee airbags dual front Not Available
    Seatbelt Pretensioners front front
    and rear
    Xenon Headlights Standard Optional
    Headlight Auto Delay Standard Not Available
    Headlight Cleaners
    high pressure washers
    - Optional Not Available
    Daytime Running Lights Standard Not Available
    Parking Assist
    rear parking sensors - Optional Not Available
    Rolling Code Security
    rolling code key Not Available
    Standard Audio System Lexus
    Advantages GS 350 M35
    Cassette Standard Not Available
    Radio Data System Standard Not Available
    Speed Sensitive Volume Control
    speed sensitive volume control
    speed sensitive volume control - Optional
    Total Number of Speakers 10 6
    Subwoofers 1 Not Available
    Optional Audio System Lexus
    Advantages GS 350 M35
    Cassette Available Not Available
    CD In-Dash 6 CD/DVD 6 CD player
    Radio Data System Available Not Available
    Subwoofers 1 Not Available
    Watts 330 Not Available
    Telematics Lexus
    Advantages GS 350 M35
    Satellite Communications System
    Lexus Link - Optional Not Available
    Phone Antenna and In-Glass Antenna
    in-glass phone antenna Not Available
    Handling Lexus
    Advantages GS 350 M35
    Aerodynamic Drag Coefficient .27 .28
    EPA Mileage Estimates Lexus
    Advantages GS 350 M35
    City 20 mpg. 17 mpg.
    Highway 27 mpg. 24 mpg.
    Range in Miles Lexus
    Advantages GS 350 M35
    City 376 mi. 340 mi.
    Highway 508 mi. 480 mi.
    Exterior Lexus
    Advantages GS 350 M35
    Width 71.7 in. 70.8 in.
    Weight 3869 lbs. 4043 lbs.
    * Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price excludes taxes, license, title, optional or regionally required equipment, and destination charge. The destination charge may vary from state to state.

    Comparison says it all............. :confuse:
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    thenebeanthenebean Member Posts: 1,124
    infiniti is not going anywhere. they have some great product now, and some great new stuff coming out soon. you'll be fine buying an infiniti if you choose.

    -thene :)
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    hemsley1hemsley1 Member Posts: 21
    I'm looking at the M35 and the Lexus. I really like them both, so i'm really starting to look at the smallest things. My question is...What kind of gas mileage have you guys been getting? I know the M35 is around 18mpg with city and highway. What is your guys MPG in the GS350?
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    chucko3chucko3 Member Posts: 793
    Around 23 mpg.
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    mmoreno1978mmoreno1978 Member Posts: 106
    Gas Mileage on the M is not great. But you're driving a TRUE sports sedan. Can't think of any sports car that has good gas mileage. You will be better of with the GS if mileage is your concern.
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    carfan28carfan28 Member Posts: 43
    I'm 5'11" and 190#- not a huge guy and the driver's compartment is incredibly cramped for me; extremely claustrophobic! The center console and driver's door practically touch my body.

    I hope test drive and sit in these vehicles before they buy them because my above comments is the main reason I couldn't buy that car. I fell it's a woman's car and a smaller than average guy's car.

    It handles nicely, is attractive , is well-made, good sound system, nice electronic toys although when I looked at this past Spring XM wasn't available, quiet cabin, good gas mileage- BUT see above.

    Please test drive it then decide.

    I bought the RL by the way.
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    houstonmerchoustonmerc Member Posts: 65
    I have a 2006 GS430 and love it. I can't speak to AWD but will address the previous comment. I am 6'0" and 240 pounds. The interior of the GS is fairly tight compared to other cars in its class no doubt, including the M. However I have gotten used to it and it's not a problem. The seat is ultimately adjustable and with the seat all the way down, I am comfortable. After 18 months I still love the beauty of the car, interior and exterior, the amenities, and the drive. I had narrowed down by selection to the GS430 and M45 and liked both, but ultimately got the Lexus since I thought it looked better both inside and out.
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    mmoreno1978mmoreno1978 Member Posts: 106
    The GS interior is very good looking.
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    gry4gry4 Member Posts: 3
    why did you buy the RL v. the M35?
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    ultramaficrockultramaficrock Member Posts: 1
    Looking for some feedback from anyone who has recently purchased a 2008 or 2009 Lexus RWD GS350. I'm seriously looking at purchasing next week, have been researching extensively for the past month, so feel I have done my homework. My question to any and all...

    1) Have researched Carsdirect.com as they post their prices with options. A 2008 with Navigation and Mark Levinson is listed at invoice for $41,350 and 2009 for $44,219. Has anyone used Carsdirect.com to purchase a vehicle? Seems to me an easy no hassle way to buy a car without having to negotiate with a dealer. Although, not sure if you could negotiate a better deal or not by speaking to the dealer directly. My wife and I have a credit score currently of 760, so I'm not sure if the dealer takes into effect your credit score when negotiating a deal through carsdirect as compared to visiting a dealership where you may save some $$$ or reduced interest rate on your loan.

    2) I found a website yesterday www.fightingchance.com that states they can save you atleast $1000 below the invoice price of any new vehicle. I should be receiving the information by tomorrow, but was curious if anyone has used this service. Cost was $39 and it appears they provide you a breakdown cost of the vehicle with all the options that truly can save you over $1,000.

    Thanks for the help!
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