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Right headlight busted up on ES 350

big_mike_1441big_mike_1441 Member Posts: 1
edited January 2022 in Lexus
My empty car got backed into when it was parked on a relatively busy street in Philadelphia a couple weeks ago. I noticed it at least a day late anyway. I have been hesitant to drive it at all because it makes a weird scraping sound ( I think the inside of the car part that is around the wheel, I think it is now touching the wheel and make s a scraping sound ). I guess I should bite the bullet and get it worked on...

1. Is the insurance company going to give me a hard time (Even though it wasn't my fault) and jack up my premiums?

2. What does it look like the damage would cost -ballpark. Im no expert but it looks like at least 2500 bucks to me? Any expertise here would be great - I realize it is just a picture so I don't expect that someone can actually diagnose anything wrong with the vehicle.

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