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Sensors for backing up?

wco81wco81 Member Posts: 590
edited January 2022 in Honda
Just started a 2022 CR-V EX-L lease, coming from BMW X3 lease.

Doesn't appear to be any sensors on the bumpers which chirp if it gets too close to an object?

Or the X3 with chirp fast if a car suddenly passed your path as you started backing out of a parking space.

Also no front bumper sensors either, when I got close to the front wall of my garage?

I still haven't gotten in the habit of relying on the rear camera but the sensors which beep louder the closer I got to an object was a nice enhancement for making it easier to park.

I guess there are a couple of things missing. The X3 I had wasn't even a top level trim but it had power folding mirrors which I set up to automatically fold when I locked the car.

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