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2004 Saturn vue no start

MeatphisMeatphis Member Posts: 1
edited January 2022 in Saturn

I have a 2004 Saturn Vue awd. 6 months ago it was hit in the middle of the night. Rear drivers side wheel was misaligned. Everything was fine otherwise. I didn't see any major damage to the frame. Insurance company took it to value damage. Said frame was bent and wanted to total it. I decided I could probably fix it myself so took it back.

It still started and ran fine. Replaced the control arms, straightened brackets. Disconnected battery at some point. About to drop rear off lifts. Start car, was sluggish. Hasn't ran in a while, no shock there. Drop it off lifts. Go to start it. Nothing. Check battery, not holding charge. Try jumping it. No luck. New battery, new starter. Still nothing.

All electronics come on when key turned.
Security light only stays on for a minute. Doesn't sound like there is even a click of the starter. Played with shifter in neutral and park, still nothing.

Just today I try to start it again, I notice I hear a mechanical click only if I turn the key when the steering is in the locked position. If it isn't No mechanical click.

Plan to try to jump the starter to see what happens. Just want a few more insights into anything I'm not thinking of.


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    british_roverbritish_rover Member Posts: 8,502

    You need a code reader. Could be a security system/immobilizer problem. Steering column lock/steering angle sensor. Hell even a fuel cut off problem maybe but you say it is even cranking.

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