GMC Yukon Denali Squeaky Serpentine Belt

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i have a 2000 yukon denali and i just replaced the serpentine belt about 1.5 yrs ago with a goodyear gator back.when i go out in the morning just recently i have a squeek that sounds like it was coming from the belt or that soon as it got warm the squeek would stop.i decided to go out today and buy some belt condition in a spray can now im REAL PISSED.the squeek is now constant and louder since i sprayed that stuff on the belt.i tried driving it at 70mph down the highway and letting it run for 1/2 hour and its still sqealing.sounds kinda like a super chargers whine.i thought that conditioner was suppost to quiet the belt,not make it worse.why did this happen?could i have screwed something up??will the squeal go away after a few day??what did i do??


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    I had the same problem, and tried dressing too. Bad choice. Anyway, it required a dealer visit, and it was because of a misaligned tensioner (pulley), which wore out the edges of the serp-belts. I went through 2 belts (about 7k miles per belt) before the squeal would come back. Then the dealer visit.

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    On My Yukon, I had replaced the OEM belt some time back with an Auto-Death one and recently found it was soooo stretched that the tensioner was at the end of its travel and the belt was slipping past all the accessories. Of Course now that I'm driving this beast... as the temps are cold and salt is spread, this problem crops up for me. Napa got me the Right Serp Belt and I'm good!
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    Is your belt still not squeaking? I have the same problem on a 02 Yukon with the 8.1L engine. Lots of stuff on the web about similar problems. I am going to replace the belt today, but I was looking at the pulley on the crank shaft and it appears to have a bit of a wobble and its a bit rusted (surface only). Have you seen this problem on your Denali?
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    what was the cure for you sqeaky 8.1 belt?
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