Power Windows & Locks Out

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I have a 2003 Aztek that I've driven since 2018. A few months ago, I was driving and had to hit the break pretty hard to avoid a crash. Immediately after this, my "service vehicle soon" light came on and the power locks, windows, and cruise control all stopped working. I thought a fuse had blown but all of my fuses are fine, and the cruise control LOOKS like it should be working fine, just isn't. I haven't had any other unusual or major issues since this has happened, but can't seem to figure out what is causing this. Any info or suggestions are greatly appreciated!


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    A quick look at the schematics for this don't reveal anything common between the three systems that are affected. The next step in the shop would be to pick whatever one is the easiest to troubleshoot and test and prove what is wrong. Once that is known then look to see if there is any correlation that isn't obvious at this moment to the other issues. If nothing is discovered, then its choose which system to test next and repeat the process as required.

    The power windows are the easiest IMO and should all be able to be controlled from the driver's door switch. I would start the testing there. Looking at the schematic the yellow wire is 12v power ignition on (retained accessory power relay source) and the black wire is ground. If you get a schematic and a 12v test light I can guide you further.
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