BMW 5-Series Climate Control Questions

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I have a 93 BMW 525i. The problem is no air flow from the defroster and low air flow from A/C and heater. The blower is going full force and controls seem to work fine. No obstructions, etc. However, when defrost is selected, heat radiates up but no air flow is directed to the defroster vents.

Any help with a solution or diagnosis would be appreciated.


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    I have 95 BMW 530I. It has dual climate control. It blows cold air on drivers side. I've replaced the control valve on the firewall. Not the problem. Any ideas would be appreciated.
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    I bought my '94 525i from a close friend in '99 and she sold it because of the heater. Well I let it go until now and this winter in Mn is one of the coldest. My question is: minus 15 and below there virtually is no heat on the floor, a little coming out the front and a little defroster. Always had been and enough is enough. Of all my cars I owned this ranks #1 for poor heating. Am I doing something wrong? Is there something I don't know about? My Classic '58 Chevy has a better heater! Other than that ...Excellent car! No major repairs since I owned it. Any help would be MOST appreciated! Yours truly, Frozen! (John)
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    Have you tried replacing the cabin air filter? This filter, if clogged, reduces air flow, therefore, heat, etc..
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    OK..........and where is this cabin air filter located. I will check the manual alos. I will get back to you. Thanks JOHN
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    If you have one, the Bentley manual tells where it is, and how to replace it. The procedure is too complicated to describe here, but the filter (in the 93 5 series) is behind the heater core, next to the A/C condensor. All air distributed inside the cabin must pass the filter, which, if clogged, drags the entire system down. BTW, your local library should have a Bentley manual.

    Hope this helps...Good luck.
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    I had to replace the heater core. It heats great now. 1200.00 later. I think that is what you are going to have to do.
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    I agree with having to replace the heater core.
    George Bitar
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    Hi George: So when you need to replace a heater core is that because there is NO heat at all or? Right now I smell a faint odor of antifreeze in the car, so does that mean the core is going? I have heat but not much air is coming out and yes I know it probably is the cabin filter. JOHN
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    drrhawk: Well I finally got to replacing my cabin filter and WOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW what a difference. It actually has alot of force of wind. It hasn't worked this good in years and I have you to Thank for it. YOu were the first one to tell me about it. I did replace it myself and it wasn't that bad. Thanks again JOHN

    ps Now my gas gauge stopped working but I know I hAVE full tank.
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    Did you ever get a solution? I am currently having the same problem on a 1991 318i. No a/c, no heat, no rear defroster. I can hear the fan blowing quite strongly, but just a trickle of ambient air comes out.
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    OK guys...let this girl show you how's done...seems everyone is having this problem as I was and I'm all about pass the good info to all my BMW lovers! If you are having troubles with climate control...check out this web site, it will save you hundreds (feel free to send you saving my way). EVEN a girl can do it!
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    Check out the web site I just posted...I think it will solve your problems and you too can have AIR! :)
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    Replace the cabin filter and it will blow out!! This must be replace every 15000 miles, and makes a tremendous difference.............JOHN
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    Thanks for the link, but someone beat you to it.
    See the BMW 3-Series Maintenance and Repair Topic, message #3130

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