Mazda MIATA ... an all year car?

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Hi. I currently drive a large saloon (sedan?) and am buying a MX5/Miata PRHT (hard top). I see that some people say they put away their Miatas during the winter. live in the UK where we have relatively mild winters and only a few days of snow. Should I think of the Miata as a year-round everyday car, or keep my sedan to use during the winter months? Thanks.


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    It's an all year car for me. A set of snow tires will get you through winter weather. The PRHT will make all that much nicer. I'll replace my 93 with the the PRHT sometime down the road.

    Some people baby their Miata's. I don't. I take care of it, but for me a car is there to be driven.
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    I have a 93 as well, and my advice it don't do it.

    Sure, you'll have traction with snow tires, but what about everybody else hitting you? Especially in a heavy SUV, you in the tiny Miata on icy roads.

    The same things that make it a great summer car make it a poor winter car. Get a winter beater, any old Subaru would be the ideal complement to a Miata.
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    I have a 96 and I live in ny and I drive mine year round. Just let a little air out of your tires when it's snowing so you have more sticking to the ground. I get better traction then all my neighbors in their 4 wheel drives. 4 wheel drive is for uneven surfaces and doesn't help when it's just slick. The fact that the car is 50/50 means that when you do slide, weight doesn't swing you out line.
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    I recently made the pluge and purchased a 90 Miata - and am loving it - having never had a convertable before I have a question regarding cold weather - Is is ok to drive the Miata as far as the top is concerned when the weather gets cold - winter in New England? thanks
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    Driving it is OK.

    Do not fold the top if the temps are below 40 degrees - it can crack! A new top costs $800-1200 installed, so you don't want that.

    Also, if there is snow or ice on the top, don't hit the top to try to bang the ice loose, that can also make it crack.

    The best thing to do is to remove snow as it accumulates, so ice doesn't form.
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    I just brought a mx-5 2007. I want to drive it all year round. I was told the tires it came with are only good for the summer. I'm going to be driving it in the winter also. I need Ideas for good winter tires with good traction. If anybody can give me some ideas I'd appreciate it.
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    I'm ordering a set of rims and winter tires for mine,going to the Tire Rack,from what I've heard they won't sell you anything that wouldn't work on your car, I'm doing rims and tires so I can swap them myself, they also balance them for you also.
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    thank you for your input.
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    Time again for our weekly gathering of enthusiasts! Maybe we should make tonight a costume chat! :P

    The Mazda Club Chat is on tonight. The chat room opens at 8:45PM ET Hope to see YOU there! Check out the schedule
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    I have had this problem the last few times I have tried to take down the top. It happened again this morning.

    It sticks like it won't come open so I keep pushing the button and holding down. It will pop open very slightly and stop. I push the button again and it might kind of make a pop and the cover will move up and sometimes I have to push again to get the top to go down after that.. I know you aren't supposed to do this under 40 degrees and it has been cool but not that cool. Is anyone else having this problem?
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    Hey Juice, I'm thinking about swapping my Outback for a '99 Miata. The Miata comes with studs. As you know, I don't have to commute but it would be nice to be able to get to the ski hill once or twice a week. The road is well maintained and I wouldn't be going up on powder days.

    Am I nuts? (ok, more nuts than usual?).
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    With studded tires I think even a Mustang might make it. Well, maybe. :D

    You will be fine, the question is what about the other cars sliding around you? You're small and a bit vulnerable. Just drive very defensively when the road has ice or snow.
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    The guy wants crazy money for it anyway so I'm not getting my hopes up, plus it's that dark green that looks as bad as black to keep clean.

    But yeah, I know most of the calm back roads around here now and I don't have to drive when it's icy. Thanks!

    Steve, just a tire kicking host visiting here....
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    Same for me, I don't usually take any highways to and from work, and speeds are usually limited to about 45-50. The Miata thrives in a city environment because it's small and nimble.
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