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imageFord Ranger-Based Everest Is Dope, But You Can't Have One | Edmunds

The redesigned 2023 Ford Everest is a rugged midsize three-row SUV ready for off-roading, but it won't come to America.

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  • RealPodmoRealPodmo Member Posts: 2

    So we get the ancient Edge and not-good-enough Explorer instead? Why does Ford hate us? And money? You'd think with the way Jeep and Toyota are minting money with their competitors, Ford might take a chance...

    But then, they thought so little of the US consumer that they brought the EcoSport here, and that might've been the worst new vehicle on sale during its tenure.

  • Don_PabloDon_Pablo Member Posts: 1
    I thought hard about the Bronco and Explorer, seriously considered the Ranger before the Maverick hybrid joined the scene (I'm ordering one next year), and kept looking at 4Runners and older Lexus GX/LX for my family's outdoor adventure needs, but always kept dreaming of the Everest being brought stateside. It has plenty of space to store everyone (dog included) and everything out of the elements, great towing capacity, a fixed roof for carrying bigger toys, and 4wd for getting deep into the wilderness where AWD just won't cut it. If Ford doesn't bring it here they will be making a big mistake, IMO, as it really is the perfect counter to Toyota and Jeep's BOF midsize SUVs. As Fry would say - Shut up and take my money!
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