Steering issues

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When I make a left turn my truck will be hard to turn back to the right. Then when I get it straightened out it will slowly pull left and then release. It will do that over and over until I stop or make a right turn sometimes, sometimes it just keeps doing it. I jacked it up and found slack and found that my lower right tie rod bushing was worn. I changed it out and it still pulls to the left but the release is not as violent as before the tie rod repair. Any ideas on what this could be?


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    We call that memory steer. Common causes are tight U-joints in the steering shaft or tight ball joints in the front end. There are more but those two are the first that need to be ruled out.

    If the U-joints are failing the wheel will turn free in return until it hits a specific angle where it sticks and has to be manually turned to continue to steer back straight ahead.

    If the ball joints are sticking the easiest way to prove that is to lift the front end and turn the wheels side to side by hand and feel how much effort is required. Then remove the outer tire rod ends from the knuckles so that you can feel if they turn freely or not again by hand. The knuckles should be able to turn lock to lock with very little effort once the tie rods have been removed.
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    I jacked it up and locked the hubs and the front left I joint was locked up. I put penetrating oil on it and worked it back and forth until it freed up and then greased it And it good now. Thanks for the info

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