Nissan Altima Basic Maintenance Questions

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I just gave my 2004 nissan altima a tune up. I changed the spark plugs, changed the oil, and put in some injector cleaner which Ive done before. Now all of a sudden today I see that my service engine soon light is on and it seems that the engine is running extrememly loud even when the car is stationed, its sluggish and takes longer to switch gears while accelerating. I just had my flywheel replaced at 53000 MILES!!!!!!!!!!! It was some type of defect.... DOES ANYONE HAVE A CLUE TO WHAT IS GOING ON WITH MY CAR.


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    Did you personally do all of this?
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    Yes I did the tune up. I do all maintenance on my cars myself under the supervision of my fiance which is an automotive tech, everything he does he teaches me because he wants me to hold my own and never get cheated when it comes to cars. As for the flywheel the transmission had to be picked up due to its location!! Replacing he flywheel is the only job I did not do.
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    That's fine I am a female who works on my own cars too. Did you go through everything and make sure it was up to par? Are all cylinders firing?
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    yes everything is up to par. I am not sure if its something that the has to do with the mechanic that replaced my flywheel. I took it back to him today because it was replaced like four days ago he rechecked all the hoses and clamps but did not find anything, so he reset the code so now the engine light is off but I know my car and its not 100%! i had the computer read this morning and the code it was was p0507 which i believe has something to do with my idle contron system. Im not sure. Any suggestions?
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    Did you check the gaps of the new sparkplugs before installing them? (NEVER assume the pre-set gap is correct for your car's motor.) Did you accidentally drop any of them on a hard surface? (A bent ground electrode and/or a cracked porcelein insulator can cause lotsa poor running grief.) Any possibility you might've crossed a couple of adjacent spark plug cables to the wrong sparkplugs? BTDT!!!

    (been there, done that)
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    check your fuse box in the engine compartment for a bad fuse. My wife left the inside light on all day and night. The battery was dead. In the process of jumping the battery, I accidentally crossed the jumper cables and shorted something. Once I was able to get the car started the engine idle was very rough (engine shook hard) and would not even maintain proper idle speed. When I took my foot off the gas peddle, the engine would die. I found one of my fuse was fried in the engine fuse box. It took all night to recharge the car battery. Once I installed the battery and replace the fuse, the engine ran fine. However, my service engine is on. I'll have to bring it into the shop to let Nissan reset the computer. I just read on the Internet that Auto Zone or other parts stores can do a OBD (on board diagnostic) of the computer and reset the code. Good luck.
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    Just bought a 2006 leftover Limited edition Altima and my wife and several men at gas stations cannot remove the gas cap. Dealer on two occasions say turn just one click and it will open. Got the brush off. It seems that the vacuum in the tank pulls the cap tight and with i/2 thread to turn it almost needs a wrench. Anyone having this problem? ange
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    I had a 2004SL Altima Lease which i just turned in. The service engine light came on even though I did not perform any repairs to the car. I took it to the dealer and they said there was a recall for the service engine light. After I got it fixed I received a recall post card from the Manufacturer about the service engine light.

    The 2004sl Altima has 4 recalls including an engine valve that has to be replaced. Did you receive any of the recall post cards?

    All the recalls were repaired for free at the Nissan Dealer prior to me turning in the car...

    I just purchased a 2007 3.5SL Altima..
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    Ok So I bought a 2002 Nissan Altima Certified pre-owned car from the dealership in LA. Iv had it for about 2 years and I have a problem. When I start the car after a long period of time 1/2 hour or so the engine rattles on start up for about a minuet or 2 and then stops and runs somewhat normal. However after a long period of driving I drive from SF to LA every few months and stop the car at a stop light I feel the car engine Very slightly rattling as if it was going to shut off. Another problem is sometimes when I do try to start the car it doesnt turn on and I have to awit a few seconds and then it does.

    Iv taken it to the dealership...they dont know...Taken it to my guy ...he didnt see a problem...DOES ANYONE HAVE A POSSIBILITY OF WHATS GOING ON WITH MY CAR???? it continues right after the 90,000 mile engine tune up and now the -check engine light is back on- I changed the O2 sensor but it wasnt the problem.
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    take it to a mechanic. They will hook it up to the computer, and get the code that is causing the ses light to come on. they'll charge you about $100 for the diagnostic, but something is setting the light off, and the computer will have a code for what it is.
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    ange...have the same problem with a 2007 quest...can you tell me if you have solved the problem?...thanks... [email protected]
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    have an 02 nissan altima and when i stop at red lights my heat stops workin, it turns cold, unless i rev the engine while i am sitting still, once i get moving the heat gets warm again. anybody experienceing this problem?
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    Mine does similar. It's not that cold; it's just a little colder than when the RPM is higher. I read other drivers of Altima had the same issues. I guess it's just a bad design of that heater.
    However, please verify that your coolant is full and no air bubble is trapped inside your engine.
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