TPMS Diagnostic Tool - Whether to purchase or not

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I do the winter wheel swap which presents the issues of registering the TPMS sensors. The dealer charges $25, a local mechanic charges more although I forget the price, perhaps $60? A tire dealer manager told me $90, those people are insane. So far I have used the dealer a couple of times and also have left the sensors unregistered for the entire season. I am debating purchasing an Autel TS601 at about $300. This would pay for itself at less than six years versus the cheapest service alternative.

All of this tire monitoring, while having the convenience of seeing slight pressure differences which prods me to pump up the tires, was created for the worst case scenario. But it does not always catch the worst case. I had this happen where possibly a pot hole cause a problem. I parked the car then came back after work. I heard a hissing. I keep a cheap cigarette lighter pump in the vehicle and used that, then went directly to the tire store. In this case the valve stem had come lose and they tightened it. If I had begun driving it would have taken a minute for the TPMS to register the pressure, a time during which the wheel could already be damaged. My conclusion is that I still must visually inspect the tires when I return to the vehicle, every single time, even with TPMS.

So, do I put more money into this system and dutifully register the TPMS every time, more for the sake of convenience of seeing the numbers in between manual checks? Or do I just go back to basics, visually inspect the tires frequently, occasionally put the pressure gauge to them, and not sink any more money into this excessively convoluted and pricey system?


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