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Ford Expedition Towing Questions

Can anyone give me an idea as to what kind of truck I can use to tow my Expedition? None of the big moving companies will do it, they say it's too heavy.


  • If it was as easy as calling uhaul there wouldn't be a need for this post. I'm already past that part...DUHHH but thanks...
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    Can anyone offer Norman some serious advice?

    tidester, host
  • mschmalmschmal Posts: 1,757
    You called actual car carriers and they said it was 2 heavy? I find that hard to believe.

    Call your dealer, ask for the use car manager, and find out who he uses to delivery cars from auction.

  • I assume there was still a tow package option prior to 2005 ... correct?? On a pre-2005 Expy is it possible to determine if the truck has a tow package just by looking at the hitch/wiring/etc, or anything else? Likewise, is there a way to determine this on a 2005+ ?? I hate to rely on the salesperson's word. Thanks.
  • mschmalmschmal Posts: 1,757
    Has the bigger 3.5 inch? class iii/iv hitch receiver and the 7 pin plug-in. The base hitch is the 2.0 inch and only 4 wire plug in.

    If it is not a factory hitch, then the wire plug-ins won't be right next to the hitch all neat and covered.

    Also you can look under the hood for the aux trans oil cooler installed in front of the main radiator down low.

  • So if it has a factory 7pin electrical connector I can be sure it has the HD towing package?

    As far as the trans oil cooler goes, one is actually standard on the truck. A larger one comes with the towing package. However, not having one to compare it against, I'd much rather be able to use some other aspect to identify the tow package.

  • mschmalmschmal Posts: 1,757
    You got it, factory 7 pin connector is HD towing package.
  • I have no idea if this will come up as a new topic or under the topic where I finally landed trying to figure out how to post a new thread here. This is the least user friendly site I have encountered.

    I have never owned an SUV. if I were to purchase one, I would want it to be able to do what the vehicles were created to do: tow campers, boats, stock trailers, etc. The SUVS I see tend to have bumpers like sedans and appear far more desgined ofr suburban soccer moms use than for camping or farm use.

    Which SUVs come with tow packages? Which SUVS can tow as much as a Ford F150?
  • hardhawkhardhawk Posts: 702
    There are many SUV's out there that will tow. I assume you want to tow something substantial, not some small trailer or such under 5000#. As a general rule, you will want a body on frame design rather than a unibody SUV. The separate frames allow for weight distributing hitch set ups that are better for heavy towing. The Expedition, Expedition EL, the Suburban, Tahoe, Yukon, Yukon XL, Escalade, Escalade ESV, Navigator, Navigator L, Armada, Infinity QX56, Toyota Land Cruiser, Lexus LX460, Mercedes GL, next generation Sequoia, and, at lower weights, the Envoy, Trailblazer, Ranier, and Explorer. Be SURE you get one with the factory tow package for the better radiators, oil coolers, transmission coolers, suspension, hitch, wiring, etc. The tow ratings without the trailering packages go down substantially, even for large SUV's. I have towed my 5000# boat with our 2002 Envoy with the I6 engine and the factory tow package since it was new. It has done just fine.
  • dwsenkodwsenko Posts: 9
    I am looking at used 2007 Expeditions. I need the HD Trailer tow package. There are many for sale that do not have the HD Tow package. I know factory installed is preferable but can a dealer technically add the HD tow package and all its components with after market parts (Ford or otherwise)? Would that be an acceptable option? Comments?
  • dwsenkodwsenko Posts: 9
    I ended up having the 536 HD Tow package installed after market by a dealer at dealer cost (long story) as part of the purchase of a used 2007 Expedition.

    I don't have any cost information on the service receipt but if anyone is interested, I can go get it and post the part numbers here.
  • woodyewoodye Posts: 7
    I got a 2007 Expedition with the light hitch, (dealer misrepresentation). If convenient, would you post the parts numbers necessary. Thanks.
  • dwsenkodwsenko Posts: 9
    ok, so I am finally getting back to this

    1........7L1Z-7A095-B....Oil Cooler Asy
    1........7L1Z-8005-B......Radiator Asy
    1........7L1Z-7C410-C....Tube - Oil Coo
    2........XT-6-QSP..........Fluid - Transm
    1........XT-5-QM............Fluid - Transm
    1........Not provided......7 Pin Conn
  • woodyewoodye Posts: 7
    Thanks for taking the time to post the parts list. I could not get my Ford Dealer Parts people to even acknowlege there was a 536 package that existed and the service department denied any 2007 Expedition towed any more than 6000 #.

    Longmont Ford in Longmont Colorado, by the way.

  • dwsenkodwsenko Posts: 9
    And just to be clear (my understanding), every Expedition's base package comes with the 6000 lb tow capacity and includes the class III/IV hitch and 4 pin connector. The 4 pin connector (not 7 pin) makes it easy to visually verify if you know this in advance as you look at used Expeditions without crisp window stickers and details. I am not sure if I kept running into stupid sales reps (at least three did not seem to know how to verify 6000 vs 9000 lb capacity) or they just wanted to try to get a sale.

    The HD tow package increases the capacity from 6000 to 9000 lbs but does not include any changes to the hitch. It includes the larger oil cooler, larger radiator, 7 pin connector and brake wiring kit.
  • dwsenkodwsenko Posts: 9

    Ford's "2008 Expedition & Expedition XL" color glossy marketing material generically references the "Heavy Duty Trailer Tow Package" (does not mention the exact package identifier) on page 27. Page 26 has the information on "Trailer Towing Applications" (the max tow capacity per Exp when properly equipped).

    Ford's "2008 RV & Trailer Towing Guide" color glossy marketing material specifically references the 536 package and its details in a table of all the Tow packages for all Ford vehicles on page 14. Page 15 indicates the need for this package to get tow capacity above 6000 lbs.

    I know this since I made copies of those pages to show to the dealer when I was having a debate with the dealer on if I already had the 536 package (no) and then what I expected them to add when they agreed I did not already have it!

    The Exp glossy was readily avail at my local dealer. The sales rep brought out the Trailer Towing guide when I asked questions that he could not answer. Thinking I was about to buy a used Exp from them (I eventually went elsewhere), the sales rep gave me a copy of the RV & Trailer Towing Guide and admitted they don't leave them laying out and only have a couple in the dealership for reference.

  • woodyewoodye Posts: 7
    Thanks Dan, I finally found everything you discussed; but, had to do it on my own and with the help of dwsenko and this blog.

    I'm gathering everything now to head back to the dealer and show them, including the service and parts department the real facts.

    I bought this as a "program" vehicle with 20000 miles specifically to two the 9000. I was assured that was the case. The sales person showed me the web site. The owners manual was missing and I didn't realize it was only a 6000# tow when they got me a new one. I understand the sales persons mistake. In 2007 the Ford info certainly did not point toward the limited version.

    What I am really ticked about is their service and parts department couldn't get, didn't really try to get the right information when I went back last month.

    Should be fun this afternoon.

  • woodyewoodye Posts: 7
    To Dswenko, Thanks for all your help. I finally negotiated a similar deal with the selling dealership for the 536 package.

    As you know, the hitch receiver is rated for 9,200#, there are electric brake wires and receivers installed. The only addition was a larger radiator and cooler, your parts numbers.

    It was labor extensive, so I would advise anyone that thought they got the heavy tow package and didn't try to get the labor done by the dealership. I thought replacing a radiator was simple, I"ve done older vehicles a lot. Ford Expedition requires removing the whole front clip and a bunch of surounding stuff. I put in my own 7 pin plug that was easy since the electric brake control wiring was already in place.

    I think I was billed retail for the radiator and cooler, I'm working on that; but, my total parts only bill was 454.90. Brake controller and pin recepticle totalled around $160; but, I got a high end Brake controller to match one on my motorhome.

    Thanks again.


    Longmont Ford, Longmont Colorado was my dealer that finally came around.
  • dwsenkodwsenko Posts: 9

    I did much of the same investigation so glad I could help. Sounds like you are where (or very near where) you want to be.
  • dieselonedieselone Posts: 5,721
    I believe to be rated at the full 9,000lbs you need the 3.73 gear ratio which is code 16 on the sticker on the driver side door sticker.

    I hate how Ford has done a two tiered tow package. I almost bought an 07 Expedition that I thought was rated for 9,000lbs but didn't have the h/d tow package. I was about to sign the papers when I did one last walk around and noticed it didn't have a 7pin adapter. The sales person and sales manager were clueless. I used the manual to determine that no 7 pin connector means now HD tow package. Many of the 07 Expeditions I looked at lacked the h/d tow package. I finally found a used 07 EB with the h/d tow package and 3.73 gears and bought it. Tows great, much better than the 5.3 powered Suburban I traded in.
  • waygrabowwaygrabow Posts: 214
    I had the same problem when trying to buy a used Explorer with its HD towing package. Most sales people had no interest in understanding that the light duty and Class III/IV hitches were different. When I forced the issue, stating that I ONLY was interested in the higher capacity hitch; they said that they would swap hitches. Starting in 2006 those hitches are welded, not bolted in place, as part of the frame; thus, a swap is impractical. Plus it wouldn't include the additional cooling capacity. I ended up buying a new Explorer elsewhere where the sales person actually listened to what I wanted.
  • Isn't it true however that in order to tow the 9,200# max with the HD towing package that you must use a weight distributing hitch? I didn't see any mention of it but thought it was worth mentioning. I could be wrong but I think that you still only get 6,000#'s with the HD tow unless you use the weight distributing hitch setup. Can someone help me out? I hope I'm wrong but that's how I read the sticker on the hitch that came with my 08 exp with HD trailer pack.
  • woodyewoodye Posts: 7
    "Isn't it true however that in order to tow the 9,200# max with the HD towing package that you must use a weight distributing hitch?"

    Yes that's true. I believe it's in the Expedition manual.

    I've found out something else that may be usefull. There is a spark plug removal problem in the 5.4 Liter engine. The plugs have a long shank below the threads in a tight hole in the head going down to and open to the combustion chamber.

    I called a lot of Ford mechanics and finally may have found the solution. On a Warm Engine, (most Ford Service reps said Cold engine, wrong) losen the spark plug 1/4 to 1/2 turn.
    Then spray carb cleaner around the plug. It goes around the threads and breaks lose the carbon and crud build-up around the long shank of the plug.

    I replaced my plugs using this procedure and everthing worked OK. You can hear the carb cleaner bubbling/sizzling, and the plugs came out fine. I used a magnet to pull them out and had to wiggle a couple of plugs. Still a pain and knuckle busting job; but, didn't break any plugs.

    Champain makes a one piece plug, the stock plugs appear to be a bonded two piece shank. They are expensive and may not be necessary with the above procedure with a stock plug.

  • dieselonedieselone Posts: 5,721
    Isn't it true however that in order to tow the 9,200# max with the HD towing package that you must use a weight distributing hitch?

    It may say that in a manual but in reality, that is not that simple. Most trailers weighing close to 9k lbs will require a w/d hitch because they will have tongue weight of 10-15% of total weight. 900-1350lbs of tongue weight is more than most pickups/SUVs can safely handle on the hitch ball. Boats are different because they usually have tongue weights of 5-10% of total weight which in most instances does not require a w/d hitch.

    The key to towing with any vehicle is to make sure you don't overload the axles on the tow vehicle and having a trailer with proper weight distribution and the proper hitch and brake setup. I use my 07 Expedition to tow our 25' travel trailer that is around 6,000lbs loaded. I use a w/d hitch with a sway control device to safely tow the trailer. Used the same setup with my previous Suburban. Realistically, I would not tow 9,000lbs with any 1/2 ton truck. IMO, if your towing that much, you need a 3/4 ton. 80% of max tow rating is a more real world number.
  • Old thread, I know -- thought I would try anyway.

    I picked up a 2007 Expedition w/ standard cooling. I knew towing might be an issue, but the deal was too good to pass up. My trailer weighs 5,500 lbs empty, so I thought there would at least be a chance that I would be OK even w/ a 6,000 lb tow rating. First couple of times towing were no problem.

    Pulling Rabbit Ears Pass (Colorado, near Steamboat Springs, 7.5% grade) proved too much, and we overheated about 300 yards from the top. Bummer.

    Long story short, I ordered and received the HD radiator and TOC. (The TOC is obviously a different and larger-capacity part.) The radiator invoice and box list the correct part number, 7L1Z8005B, however I see no difference at all in the replacement radiator. I know from this thread that it is the 'fins per inch' that is supposed to be different, but the 'fins per inch' of the new and old radiators seems to be the same -- I measure about 16 fins per inch across the outside (curiously, neither the 13 of the standard nor the 19 of the HD part as listed in the 2008 F150 guide noted elsewhere in this thread). Is this where I should be measuring, or is the fins per inch measured depth-wise?

    The PN on the sticker afixed to the radiator itself is 7L14-8005-BC, so I am concerned that I received a mis-packaged radiator. Does anybody have the PN for the standard-duty radiator?

    Thanks for the help; I'd like to have a clue before I go back to the selling dealer (if I even need to.)

  • Dakota123,

    My part numbers from the invoice were:

    1........7L1Z-7A095-B....Oil Cooler Asy
    1........7L1Z-8005-B......Radiator Asy

    >> The PN on the sticker afixed to the radiator itself is 7L14-8005-BC

  • >>Typo?

    I don't think so. I haven't had any luck finding the standard-duty PN. All of the authorized resellers seem to use the same catalog system, and it hides the PN unless you happen to already know it and search for the part by number.

    >>1........7L1Z-8005-B......Radiator Asy

    That's what my invoice and the shipping box says also, but as I said, I see absolutely no difference between the installed radiator and the replacement, even after measuring what I presume to be 'fins per inch'.

  • The dealer was kind enough to dig into this for me (Gaudin Ford, Las Vegas -- highly recommended for on-line purchase of parts.)

    The standard-duty radiator is 7L1Z-8005-A. I should have guessed...

    The 7L148005BC number on the radiator itself is Ford's engineering number. The dealer says that it cross-references to 7L1Z-8005-B, which is the super-cooling part. So it seems to be the correct part after all.

    I just wish it were more obvious!

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