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Chevy 6.5 never fixed just like its new duramax that eats injection pumps ! When will they learn ?

Steve1974Steve1974 Member Posts: 1
edited March 2022 in Chevrolet
Well I've opened another claim with chevy for the 10th time in 20 years ! They have ignored us 6.5 owners and swept us all under the carpet ! You might say chevy isnt on the line your vehicle is too old which really isn't true and I'll tell all you nay sayers why ! July 2014 chevy openly admitted bulletin 00064h the stanadyne pumps they installed in all its electronic controlled 6.5s lost pressure and injection pump operation went bye bye !today's diesel eats the seals out of them like a fat kid eating chocolate cake ! Under lemon laws they offered to fix them but never did ! They told state attorney general's what they wanted to hear ! You can beg plea and swear claiming 80 to 100k miles is acceptable from a chevy 6.5 all you want but any diesel fan or any mechanic that knows diesels will tell you your entirely nuts ! They identified the problem and just like toyota after identifying bad frames in 10 year old trucks they bought the trucks back which is precisely what chevy should have offered ! or a truck which has approximately the same value as what you put into your truck ! I currently own a 04 dodge cummings with over a million care free miles and I havnt put a fraction of the money im expected to put into this motor from chevy you are defending as being acceptable as dying at 80 to 100k miles ! No way should they die at 80 to 100k that's a brand new truck ! There's gas trucks which hit 300k with minimal maintenance ! So I basically own a brand new chevy truck with a motor that chevy should have never put into ! They should have offered the truck with a cummings in North America due to fuel issues which they knew about but never took into consideration because north America holds such a huge truck market ! Profit over customer service.. the truck was never properly fixed under its recall bulletin posted in july 2014 they popped a pump in and said get lost ! Ive installed 13 pumps at my expense into this truck with what ive paid in parts i could have bought a whole new cummings I know would go a minimum of 700k miles not 80 to 100k ! 80 to 100k you have got to be nuts to think thats acceptable from a diesel ! They promised to fix them can't fix them claim they can't give me a new truck so buy it for the 50k ive leaked into trying to fix it over 20 years ! Once anybody sees its a detroit diesel in maine they know the pump will not last here and run more than 2000 mabe 3000 miles then the seals will be eaten out of it so they avoid them like the plague ! It doesn't last long enough for the pmd to go bad ive got 4 of those brand new in the box never used ! 2 New lift pumps, 3 pumps with eaten out seals.. parts parts more parts galore cause chevy never fixed it like they promised so states and private class action suits wouldnt occur then they ignored us after replacing one pump ! And nonebof these lawyers followed suit and states let them entirely off the hook ! Unacceptable unacceptable unacceptable !
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