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Suburban Fuel Filter

furrowjockyfurrowjocky north central MontanaPosts: 12
edited July 2014 in Chevrolet
Do 06 burbs have a external fuel filter, as in the past, or is it now in the tank.


  • bk777bk777 Posts: 32
    You can confirm. Look under the driver's side...inside the frame about the driver's seat position. The GM fuel filter is cylindrical(can) shaped...and about 5" long.
  • bk777bk777 Posts: 32
    GM has redesigned and done away with the in-line fuel filter. A $120 replacement item at most dealers in the past. Now the fuel filter is located inside the fuel pump...which is inside the gas tank. Now it is a ~$800 replacement item ($500 for the pump/filter and $300 for the labor to drop the tank). Good luck
  • furrowjockyfurrowjocky north central MontanaPosts: 12
    Thanks for the reply bk77. I was sure that was the case, but my GM parts man said I was the first to confront him on the issue. I'm a farmer- rancher in Montana, with bulk farm storage in above ground tanks, so condensation and rust can be a problem. I do have filters on the tanks, but I guess I'm going to have to use smaller micron filters . I have been buying vehicle filters at parts stores for $10-$15 and changing them myself. So were going from $20 to $800 for a filter. Oh don't forget, when the filter becomes plugged and over heats the fuel pump, and it quits,you'll have a $200 towing charge to the nearest garage, so lets just round it off at $1000. Hot dogs, apple pie and Chevrolet, you got to love em.
  • hi all,,,, im looking for advise on changing out the external fuel filter for my 04 trailblazer,,, this is different fm the ones i am used to on chevy vans,, it looks as if its a quick connect(blue plastic connections) but im not sure just how to approach it,, so instead of messing up i am learnig to ask,,, any help will be appreciated,,, thanks,, mid
  • Make sure that it's actually the fuel filter. No Joke. I have a 2004 Chevy Tahoe and it does not have an external in-line fuel filter. How ever there is a silver container with a black protective metal cover around it under the frame rail by the drivers door. When I was doing maintenance I thought at 1st with out looking to carefully at the part on my 04 Thaoe that this was my fuel filter. Apparently it was not a fuel filter at all. I bought a manual and it said that the fuel filter was either there under the drivers door or in the back on the right side of the fuel tank. I couldn't find one. The auto parts store even had a replacement part for it. So I went and asked the dealer ship mechanics and was told that the 04 Tahoe's fuel filter is in the tank. Thanks Chevy, anything to make things harder to replace.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    a silver container with a black protective metal cover around it

    Did you ever figure out what that gizmo is?
  • cbroycbroy Posts: 1
    I have a 2001 suburban with the 326. Just in the past few weeks I have been seeing that it takes two and sometimes three attempt before it will start up. Once it does start it runs great. No hesitation and great power. It just takes a little to get her started. I spoke with the shop mechanic where I work and he suggested new fuel filter, and plugs. This weekend I changed the fuel, air and oil filter. I also replaced the pcv valve and all of the plugs. The old plugs had some carbon build up but not alot. The fuel gauge was on empty so I put in some new fuel and some Lucas injector cleaner. It fired right up. I thought I had her beat. I drove down the freeway for 20 miles. I pulled into a lot and let her sit for 30 min. I tried to start it up and it did the same thing. Any help out there? It spins over just fine. No lag in the starter and the batteries check out just fine.
  • Hello Cbroy and all of CARSPACE
    I am having this same issue with my 2001 suburban and just like Cbroy I gave it a tune up and it started right up but I noticed that when the engine is hot it starts up immediatly unfortunatly after 10min of sitting it starts up slow again. I changed the fuel filter air filter oil filter spark plugs and nothing! any help
  • We had the same issue(s) with our '01 Suburban...slow starting, especially when cold...started well when hot...occasionally smelled gasoline. We also tried changing the fuel filter...didn't help. Eventually we had the FUEL PRESSURE REGULATOR replaced...did the trick. It has started like a charm ever since...
  • jmdbjmdb Posts: 2
    Hello all

    I have a '99 burb (5.7L with 71K miles) and replaced the in-tank fuel pump and filter about 5 months and a 1,000 miles ago as I was told a noisie fuel pump is a sign of a bad bearing, plugged filter, or both . New fuel pump makes more noise now than the one I replaced at 70K. Are these fuel pumps normally loud ?? Truck runs fine, but other burbs don'y make the noise mine does. Any clues?? Thanks in advance
  • I have a 99 Suburban (200,000 mi) and lately when I fill the tank you can smell gas fumes inside the truck until the gas gauges get to about 3/4 full then no fumes. My mechanaic did the smoke test on all of the lines including the charcoll filter and did not discover any leaks. We are stumped. I really love my Burb

  • kiawahkiawah Posts: 3,666
    Check for a leak on the tank itself.
  • ltlriki64ltlriki64 Posts: 2
    My 99 Suburban had a pronounced whine when the ignition was on and it was like that from the day it came off the Chevy lot. I had since replaced (2) AC Delco fuel pumps and just this weekend installed an Airtex fuel pump which I can't even hear with an empty tank! It just barely hums. I think the whine is normal for that brand and the truck ran fine until one day it just quit on me and discovered the fuel pump just died on the spot. I have 142,000 miles on my 3/4 ton 454 (7.4 liter) truck. Hope this helps.
  • Chances r that ur tank has pin hole in the top of it that u can't see. My 99 burb does the same thing so right now i only fill to about 3/4 or so. My brother has a 96 burb and he replaced his tank last year, he filled up one night and the next morning had a bunch of gas leak out of the tank. Eventually they rot out from all the road grime and weather etc.
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