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Acura MDX Audio and Entertainment Systems

OK, just picked up my 07 MDX. Here in Canada its called the Elite(sport+Entertainment).

I notice that the rear DVD will not play over the awesome sterio, only plays in the wireless headphones.

Anyone know anything about this?

Also, it seems impossible to change my "go home" address in the Navi.

Any help would be great.



  • I have a 2005 Acura MDX with the entertainment system and there are inouts on the console for additional earphones and speakers.
  • Does anyone know what the wattage rating os on the 110-volt power outlet located on the rear console?
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    I believe it's 100 W. Anyone know for sure?

    tidester, host
  • kbhaktakbhakta Posts: 17
    There is a pretty damn thick manual(I know, its on paper and not on a computer screen, but hey, the info is there.) that comes with the car..mainly to explain all the electronics. You need to press the rear source button.
  • tomarptomarp Posts: 4
    :mad: What a piece of crap! Anyone else really hate the stereo in the MDX? When I play a CD it isnt horrible ( not great) but the XM radio has the worse fidelity of any car I have ever owned! $3500 for this option? Acura should be ashamed. The system with Bluetooth works great: sounds horrible.
    Anyone up for a class action lawsuit?
  • scottm123scottm123 Posts: 1,501
    I wouldn't consider this a cause for a lawsuit.... being a stereo and not something that causes safety concerns.

    With that being said, I completely agree that the stereo is a joke.
    I heard it when I test drove it and it sounded "okay" but not great.
    Anyone who knows stereos knows that the speakers must have numerous hours before they start to provide their peak potential.
    I expected good things from my BOSE stereo, even though I personally feel that BOSE is completely over-rated.

    I have several hundred hours on mine now and I am less than impressed.
    The subwoofer also causes body panel vibrations, which after 4 visits to the dealer, Acura claims they can no longer fix.

  • tomarptomarp Posts: 4
    The lawsuit was a joke. I looked at all cars in this category and was so glad to find the MDX I didnt listen to the stereo. I think the issue is more XM. With the CD its not bad. My sub is the only part that works well. I would ask to speak to the local Acura rep. Good luck. :mad:
  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    speakers must have numerous hours

    New to me - sounds similar to having to get some miles on most cars before the mileage creeps up.

    I like to tell my audiophile friends that their systems sound a little clipped in the high end and watch them fiddle with the dials for a few hours. :D
  • scottm123scottm123 Posts: 1,501
    Dynamic speaker drivers (the cone woofers and dome tweeters found in almost all speakers) have moving parts that are generally rather stiff when they come out of the factory. One of these parts is called the surround; it's the rounded piece of rubber or foam that connects the outer edge of the cone or dome to the speaker basket. The other is called the spider; it's the part that connects the center of a woofer cone to the back part of the speaker basket, and that keeps the woofer's voice coil centered in the voice-coil gap.

    Surrounds and spiders are kind of like shoes, they're not very flexible at first but with use, they become much more flexible. And as the surrounds and spiders in your speakers become more flexible, your speakers will sound better. Some speakers sound just a little better after break-in. Some go from sounding horrible out of the box to sounding glorious after 24 hours of break-in.

    ...the internet is a wonderful place. :D
  • mecheng1mecheng1 Posts: 161
    So......since audio components are attempting to reproduce something that already occurred and therefore are measured for their accuracy. When do you measure the frequency response on a speaker? Brand new or after this "break-in"?

    Looks each customer experiences an audio system can be highly subjective (especially ones designed into automobiles)....I bet Acura knows they are never going to please everyone - so they farm it out to a brand name (Bose), etc.) and only try "so hard" to please every customer.
  • scottm123scottm123 Posts: 1,501
    I agree completely.

    I feel the stereo is okay, but not fantastic.

    Yes, it sounds pretty good (not great) while playing CDs and yes, it sounds downright awful on XM.
    I have a Sirius tuner through an FM modulator that actually sounds better than the factory installed XM, and that's sad.

    Bottom line, the stereo is only good at best. (imo)
    And the vibrating sub just heightens my awareness of this. :cry:
  • Make sure your "front source" and "rear source" are set to the same source, then all the speakers will be playing what the folks in the rear are listening to.
  • Picked up our 2007 MDX yesterday and were looking forward to much better sound than in our 2002. Were surprised to hear when we were doing the check out at the dealer that the better sound is mostly with use of the Pro Logic II and that it takes special CDs called DVD-Audio. Can anyone explain? How do you get to have the Pro Logic II sound? Do "regular" CDs play with surround-like sound? We were also told NOT to use recordable CDs, as they were too thick for the stack and won't work. We don't understand that either. Help!
  • My tunes guy and I have decided to try some sound dampening in the door and hatchbck panels. I have the sub vibration too. The loud tire hum and cabin noise makes us think the stereo might improve if all the buzz and vibration can be killed. I'll let you know how it works.
  • The MDX has little if any sound dampening in the doors or rear panels. I'll advise if the install in a couple weeks helps the stereo. The road noise and tire hum are so bad in my MDX I am convinced the dampening will help (with sub buzz too).
  • I love my new MDX....great drive!!
    But with everthing in life, there is always something you wish could improve. I would agree with the previous posts, the radio is flat. Needs an equalizer, for more adjustments. Speakers are warm feeling. I keep on low-medium volume for OK sound. Loud, frankly sucks...

    But I have to tell u the drive compensates for the speakers....still worth buying.
  • Corless1

    DVD Audio is a completely different standard than the typical CD. It's multi-channel audio (5 channels) compared to 2 for a normal CD (stereo). You need specially encoded discs to hear the multichannel audio--called DVD-As. You should ask the Acura dealer for a sampler disc just to see if you want to spend some $$$ for them. They're readily available on Amazon etc.

    Dolby Pro Logic II is a process that turns any two channel music or a video software and turns it into multichannel audio. For the technically inclined go here:

    As for CD-Rs being thicker than standard CDs, that's the first I've ever heard of it. They should work. Try one of your own and see what the real deal is.
  • This is really helpful! You explained this well.I did go onto Amazon to see what they are (DVD-As), but I think I put in the wrong search term. We did get that demo CD from our dealer, and the part where they separate the pieces of the jazz is amazing. We got this new MDX partly because I love music so much, and our 2002 was a basic one without the BOSE system. So, we just didn't realize we were quite so much on the cutting edge, so to speak with the 2007. I loved the 2002, and we kept it (!). So we're a 2 MDX family. Now we also need to look at the DVD that came with the new one. Also appreciated the ProLogic II explanation. It is on our new HD tuner system for our HD TV, etc., and we do notice the difference in our Surroundsound. Thanks again!
  • texas83texas83 Posts: 107
    I have an '04 with 30K miles. Two things I don't like about my MDX. A pull to the right that they can't fix and the junky stereo. That subwoofer is pitiful. It over powers the whole system and I constantly have to play with the dials. It distorts also with vibrations. I've been in three times and gave up. I guess I bought a Honday instead of an Acura.
  • tomarptomarp Posts: 4
    Here is the deal
    turn down the base to -2 and the treble up to +6
    with xm, it just isnt going to sound worth a crap.
    if you want a decent sound only used cd's
    really a poor option. next car will be a pilot and i will go w/ an aftermarket system and put a good portable garmin on the dash
    shame on you acura.
  • scottm123scottm123 Posts: 1,501
    I have an 06 MDX in the shop today for an Oil Change, and to address a couple little things.
    (One being the stupid Sub Woofer again)

    They gave me an 07 TL Type-S for a loaner.
    The stereo is a joke and sounds like complete crap.

    I'm in the middle of working a deal for an 07 Infiniti G35 which comes with the Bose "Studio On Wheels" package.
    The stereo is amazing.... so I don't blame Bose any longer.
    My finger is pointing at Acura, who has obviously dropped the ball in the Audio dept.
  • dt63944dt63944 Posts: 66
    Sorry to hear about your "audio horror story". I can't think of any car I've ever driven, since I got my license in 1974, that I could ever call "crap", making allowances for the fact that audio quality has improved over time. XM and Sirius, while being advertised as "digital", which they are, are nonetheless quite compressed and not very sampled (rather like a low quality mp3). My 07 BMW, which has a wonderful Logic7 system, nonetheless sounds constrained when the source is Sirius music (talk always sounds good, of course). I wonder if Acura will make a mid-year Sirius availability, since the two companies want to merge.
  • scottm123scottm123 Posts: 1,501
    Honda/Acura own way too much XM to ever offer Sirius until the merge is approved and complete.
    I have a feeling that we won't see that for at least another 6 months to a year.
    If the merge goes through, maybe we'll see something offered from Acura in 09... but I doubt you'll see anything Sirius before then.
  • dt63944dt63944 Posts: 66
    Subaru is going to offer the choice of Sirius or XM on their 08 Outback (previously only XM was offered), suggesting that perhaps other vehicle manufacturers can implement an intra-model-year change. In any case, I can tell the difference between satellite radio, homemade or purchased CD's or FM - satellite is the lowest-fidelity of the three. HD radio looks promising, but the breadth of satellite programming is currently its greatet attraction, in my opinion. There aren't too many vehicles I like - certain BMW's, Subaru's and the MDX amongst them - and the quality of the sound system is quite important, even though I might be the only one who would really appreciate it.
  • What is the best option performance / Cost / Ease of use of any of the after market ipod itegration that is out there ?

    I have ruled out the "homelink" option after reading reviews about it. So what do you guys have and what would rate the best ?
  • I forgot to add, i have a 2007 Acura MDX with tech / RES. I need to get the most of the ELS system i have.

    Any suggestions ?
  • bennbbennb Posts: 143
    If it were me I'd just plug it into the back using a set of audio cords ... mind sounds good plugged into the AUX in the middle console. I know it doesn't function with the display that way, but it's alright to me.
  • I thought about that wasn't sure whether the ELS sound system would be put to use properly in this case and of course the song list control is stil in the ipo which would be easy to use with one hand on the wheel.
  • bennbbennb Posts: 143
    You can go into the menu in your audio and tell it to try to convert all music to 5.1 surround.
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