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imageNew Cars, SUVs and Trucks That Get Great Gas Mileage | Edmunds

When gas prices are high, you want an efficient vehicle to drive. Edmunds recommends several cars, SUVs, and trucks that are good on gas and in other ways, too. Read on for all of our recommendations for 2022.

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  • seamus6seamus6 Member Posts: 7

    None of those recommended can beat an full EV for efficiency.

  • Jlilley57Jlilley57 Member Posts: 1

    Mr Wardlaw I take offense at the first line of your column about being stuck driving a Prius. Have you ever owned a Prius sir? I’m guessing you haven’t or you surely wouldn’t make such a flippant observation. It’s usually no nothings like yourself that make all inclusive statements having never owned the product. It’s been my experience that nothing else compares to Prius certainly nothing you list in your article. Versatility nimbleness durability and of course fuel economy. What prey tell do you drive rich boy car critic? And your final comment about EV efficiency? Who can afford $70,000 electric vehicle. When they are priced like the old Volkswagen (yes I owned one of the original fuel misers had it for 30 years sticker price? $ 2600 my dad sprung for a convertible) which you could get for under $2000 then I will be impressed and not until then. An old VW commercial went something like this: The print ad showed the aftermath of a giant snow storm. It then asked the question— how do you think the guy that drives the snow plow gets to work? Their set the faithful VW as the snow plow drives away. Elon Musk? I’m not impressed. build something we can all afford (A People‘s car) and your legacy will be assured

  • WadeSWadeS Member Posts: 1
    Jlilley, I can't afford a 70,000 electric vehicle either. But I can afford any of these fully electric vehicles. nissan leaf 28,000,mini cooper e 31,000,chevy bolt 32,000,mazda mx 34,000,hyunda kona 35,000, kia n 41,000,volkswagon id 42,000,kia evg 42,000.I'll also get a 7500 dollar credit from the government on all of these cars except for the chevy bolt. Say you keep your 28,000 dollar prius for 5 years (15,000 miles per year) at toyotas 54 MPG rating you'll burn about 300 gallons of fuel per year at 4.00 per gallon. Thats another 6000 dollars totaI saved by having an electric car. That 7500+6000 savings make all but 2 of these much cheaper to buy and own than a prius. The 2 highest priced electrics are break even until you factor the maintenance required for your gas engine over the years. An aggressive angry comment like yours that's completely devoid of knowledge or actual fact is what's wrong with the world today.
  • Car28GuyCar28Guy Member Posts: 1
    When talking about saving money at the pump with gas versions, I’m surprised you include the likes of Mercedes Benz and those manufacturers who’s motors require premium fuel. Premium fuel is now $.60 to $1.00 + (in most markets) more then regular fuel so the savings is no longer there, even if they get a few miles more per gallon.
  • skasluskyskaslusky Member Posts: 1
    I Love my 2017 Acura Hybrid MDX. The Advance model is filled with safety features and luxury ., I am getting combined MPG of 29 - and 32 around town., I cant understand why they stopped making this hybrid model - It is the only Luxury model that will use regular gas.
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