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Ford Expedition Warning Lights and Gauges

lisaj2lisaj2 Posts: 1
My 97 ford expeditions instrument cluster has suddenly gone. I have no gages that work, not even the odometer is turning over, I have checked all the fuses and they all seem good...what next


  • smoke7smoke7 Posts: 1
    My gages died. Odometer/ gas gage etc. The 5 amp fuse was blown. After repalceing it, it lasts for 10 feet to 33 miles and blows. It was suggested to have the dash pulled and checked. Ater just short of 300 dollars, no luck. Any suggestions?
  • deemoney1deemoney1 Posts: 1
    I'm not sure why this happens, but when I tow my trailer my engine temp gauge rises to the point of being on hot or overheating. The crazy thing is that the truck is not overheated. the reservoir is full. I know it is definitely related to towing because as I pull up hill the gauge will rise and fall when I'm going down hill. And if I exit off the highway it falls all the way back to normal.
    Is there anyway this gauge could be tied to the transmission? If anybody has clue what this could be please help. I'm stumped on this one!
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    The crazy thing is that the truck is not overheated.

    You certainly expect the engine to heat up when you place a heavy load on it - hauling a trailer and driving uphill - because it's doing a LOT more work. It can get a lot hotter without necessarily overheating. I don't see any cause for alarm.

    tidester, host
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  • I have the exact same problem. I've towed the same trailer for years and never had this issue until recently.I've replaced the clutch fan , thermostat, and had the system flushed and filled with fresh fluid.My mechanic can find no other reason for the overheating. Again it only does it while towing, and after 55 miles per hour. It will hover above normal under 55 then spike quickly when gassing it to get up to the speed limit.I am now going to have the air ride system checked because the check suspension light came on during one overheat situation. Any suggestions appreciated...
  • Since I change my own oil, how do I reset the mileage indicator which shows when the changes are due? It is 2007.
  • mschmalmschmal Posts: 1,757
    You just repeatedly hit setup until it tells you to hold reset. Then you hold reset.

    Or you may have to use the setup button to start the "system check" then when it gets to oil 0% you hold the reset button.

  • I installed a cold air intake system on my 2000 expadition. My new intake air system only has one opening for a sensor, and I have two.The second was located near the end of the origonal air cleaner. I have had to unplug it or my engion will stall and die. What to do. I have noticed an increase in power and really dont want to installe the old air cleaner system.
  • Update...Replacing the radiator and hoses repaired this problem of overheating while towing...The new radiator was TWICE the capacity... maybe ford realized this was a problem and updated it...I had had one mechanic take temp readings all over the radiator to see if it was dissipating heat properly and the readings were good. However this wasn't a good enough test......The old radiator had a layer of stuff "set up like cement" inside it say'a the mechanic.. he was right NOW the heater doesn't get up to temp.. how much ya wanna bet , I need a new heater core for the same reasons...PS my butthead mechanic at the local ford dealer wrote on my first repair bill "the trailer is oversized for the vehicle" He couldn't be more wrong, he was just lazy and didn't want to spend the time troubleshooting properly....Maybe he wanted this on file so he wouldn't have to do warranty work on my ford rebuild.

  • I have a 98 expedition 4.6 ,n I just had my heater core done my heat works great now , but now my trucks gauges will jump from cold to hot saying it"s over heating at the same time that happens my oil light comes on and my heat basically cooks u .... I had my friends husband look at it and he said it wasn't enough coolant , we put some in and that aint the problem .... HELP
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