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Ford Ranger Engine swap



  • That tranny will last about 10 good minutes behind even the mildest 302 (assuming you could mate the 2 of them. If you want a manual trans without many setup headaches look for a M5OD-R2 out of a full size F series truck with a 351W, 302 or 300 I6. Get a 5.0L flywheel and you'll be good to go. If you want to keep things simple, put in a C4 and you won't even need to change your driveshaft.
  • tommyatommya Posts: 1
    I have a1984 ranger 2.8, 2x4 with a C3 trans. I am interested in swapping out with a 1983 ford mustang 5.0 engine with an AOD trans. If anyone has any advice, recommendations, or help please respond to this message. thanks
  • I have seen a lot of request for finding out if an engine change will bolt up. I'm a mechanic and let me tell you how I do it. Call ATK engines and Transmissions. They rebuild engines and transmissions. Their software that they use can tell you what will bolt up to what. Another words, tell them the type of transmission you intend to use, and they should be able to give you a list of engines that will bolt up to it with the same bolt pattern. Good luck
  • What V8 motors fit a 2001 ranger 2wd im thinking something like 351 or atleast any mustang motor with over 300hp any suggestions?
  • I have a 97 ranger with a 2.3 4cyl. I also have a junk 96 Ranger that has a good 3.0 V6. Will the engines still bolt up alright? And yes the tranny will be moved with it. What exactly is the PCM, and I know both the PCM and Computer will have to be swapped but what exactly does the computer consiste of? Thanks in advance!
  • Because you are planning to change the actual size of the engine there is a lot more than you realize that has to be swaped out.

    Complete wiring harness[not compatible]

    Exhuast manifolds and type and size of exhuast pipes and muffler.

    Motor mounts and transmission mount, and drive shaft. I'm not sure if the ring and pinion in the rear end is compatible or not.

    PCM-Power Control Modual. Its an on board computer consisting of a computer board, and ECM [electronic control modual]. Primary purpose is to take in sensor info and control spark, injection pulse, fuel pump power and to monitor emission related componets. It also makes timing decissions, pulse width decissions for injection amoung other adjustments that are measured in mili seconds. Your talking about decissions made at about the speed of light.

    You will also have to make a lot of other modifications like on how the fuel lines connect up ect. You may also run into a problem if one of the motors is designed to work with ABS brakes due to a harness and compatibility issue with either of the vehicles. Some Ford models have 4 wheel ABS, some have 2 wheel ABS, and others have no ABS. Your in for a lot of work. Good luck. It would almost be easier to change over the bed, doors, hood, fenders and interior than to do this type of motor change. Either way you decide to do it, its going to be some work.
  • Right!
    The exhaust isn't a problem, I do exhaust. I went out yesterday and scoped out the motor mounts they appear to be the same, not sure about the tranny and I knew I had to switch the computers and yes a whole lotta work ahead. You did say one thing that I'm kinda weary on.. . . the ring and pinion. BUT . . . can't I just switch the rear ends since I have two complete trucks?

    Doing the computer work does suck . . . its been awhile but me and a friend did a real nice job on switching a 350 to a '89 Toyota Supra. Really awesome car now. It was computer swap and all of course. . .

    I reckon I just needed someones 2nd opinion on this. . . . I appreciate the input alot! Thanks

    Any Ideas on where I can grab a Wiring Diagram for the PCM?
  • Ya you can swap the rear ends out, but you may not have too. You can call a drive line shop and ask them if they are the same, or call the parts dept at the dealer and ask them for the part numbers on the ring and pinion on both vehicles. If they are the same, so are the rear ends. Sometimes they need the number of a metal tag that is on one of the cover bolts of the rear end to tell you. On rear ends, application of the vehicle or even the vin# sometimes doesn't help identify the gear ratio.

    As for the wiring diagram, you won't need one. You will be using a factory harness that has plugs that will only plug in to the right thing. Its all plug n play. Just mark the plugs as to what they are connected to incase you run into a confidence or memory issue. Here is a tip. Use a numbering system to identify the plugs, and write what they are for by the corosponding numbers down on a piece of paper. This way, if you don't know what something is, but know its location and description of what it plugs into, you will be able to figure it out.
  • Easy enough, make sence.

    Thanks for all the help!
  • Not sure If you can help but, . . .

    On my 3.0 V6 engine its extremely hard to get cranked. . . . sounds like it wants to as soon as you turn the key but doesn't. . . . if I do get it cranked it only last for about 5 minutes, and and can't give it any gas or it will turn off?

    Just figured I would throw the question your way.
  • bolivarbolivar Posts: 2,316
    Wild guess. Bad fuel pump. Clogged fuel filter.
  • Nope, underneath the dash on the passenger side you'll find a large cylinder with a red button on top. That is your problem right there. That is ur fuelpump safty cutoff switch. Push and hold the button for about 5 to 10 seconds and it should be fine. But would recomend taking it to the nearest FORD dealer and have ur fuel pump checked, and Fuel Filter changed immediately once it has started. I am a Certified Ford Customer Service Technical Advisor. Which I received at Nascar Tech last year. I'm enjoying My 2nd Ranger. The first one was a 1997 with an escort engine. This one is an 04 Edge with a 3.0 V6. Anybody have any Idea where I can get a Camshaft and Cylinder Heads? My first Ranger and My 2nd ranger both had Bad safty cutoff switches, and my 2nd one had a bad Fuel pump. They no longer put the Fuelpumps inside the fuel tanks as of 2002 when the new emissions took affect, the mechanic forgot about this and it sprayed fuel all over him and the inside of my cab.
  • bolivarbolivar Posts: 2,316
    It's not my problem, I was replying to 97ranger2.

    He said his truck was very hard to start, but after starting would run for a minute or so, then die.

    If the fuel safety cutoff is set or bad, the engine would never start, right? So, that can't be the problem.
  • bad289bad289 Posts: 1
    Any 289 or 302 will go in real easy. Get back to me for more info. I have two rangers with v8's. One has a stock 302/2bbl carb. that I have put almost 100,000 miles trouble free. The other one has a "hot rod" 289 and is real fast and trouble free.
  • My son bought a 88 ranger with a 4 cylinder...lots of miles. Milage sucks big time. Wondering if this is due to a tired engine?

    How tough/expensive would it be to replace engine?

    thank you
  • I have a 96 Ford ranger 6cyl. with 157,000. How hard or is it possible to swap the engine with a newer 04 model V6.
  • grump1grump1 Posts: 27

  • grump1grump1 Posts: 27
    Hello ,
    I 'am In Need Of Some Help Here ...I Have a 1983 Ford Ranger 4x4 With a Bad 2.3 Carbured Motor ... I Just Purchased a 1988 Ford Ranger 2 Wheel Drive With a FI 2.3 Engine In It.......I Would Like To Swap Out My 1983 Carbured Motor For The 1988 2.3 FI Engine ...
    What Do I Need To Do To Make This Change Work ... Please Help , I Would Like To Complete This Before Winter Comes .


  • grump1grump1 Posts: 27
    I,m sure I will need to change the engine wire harness But what else would I need to change..?. Will I need to change the gas tank ..? How much of the harnes will I need to change ..? Just the front or even inside the cab...? I already took the front engine harness out of my 1983 4x4 ranger and Changed everything that works on the 1988 Ranger - Stff on the fire wall and Inner fenders that go along with the 1988 ranger .... Do the headlight wires need to be changed also....? Please Help ,, This is total differn't from the stuff I do.. I'M STILL IN THE OLD STUFF, NOT COMPUTER [non-permissible content removed].
    Thanks Again ,

  • You are on the right track with how you're going about this. No need to swap out the headlight harness. Just make sure you get all the fuel system components from the donor truck. EFI systems on the older Fords operate at about 40 psi and the in tank pump and sending unit in the 88 will give you that
  • grump1grump1 Posts: 27
    thank you , but how much of the wire harness do i need to i need to exchange the cab part or the cab part and the rear part.?

  • grump1grump1 Posts: 27
    will a v-8 bolt up to a 4wheel drive trans in a 4x4 ranger :surprise: ...thanks.
  • I have a 83 ranger with 300,000 miles on it. Its the basic model with a short bed. The engine is an original 2.0L 4 banger. It ran great when i got the truck but the other night out of the blue the knock got really LOUD. My friends are like you should just put a newer engine in it. So here i am. What would you guys do? I live in charlotte, NC.
    What engines will fit?
    Best place to find them cheap?
    I like the 2.0 because the gas milage.
  • grump1grump1 Posts: 27
    Well , I really like the 2.3 ford engines ... I use to race them and you can make alot of power & and they are almost bullet proof & very dependable along with the gas milage ... Hell we use to beat v-8's with them in the stockcars ... The 2.3 should be a bolt right in .

    Just my opinion,
  • what kind of 2.3???
    i appreciate your help big time.
  • grump1grump1 Posts: 27
    mustang , mustang II , pinto , ranger ... any ford 2.3 ... I'm in the middle of changing my 1983 4x4 ranger carburator motor -- to a 1988 ranger motor with fuel injection ... 2.3 is a great motor... if you get one from a 83 or earlyer without fuel injection , it should bolt right in or maybe just change your exhaust manifold and motor mounts.

    thanks again,
  • haha well that makes it a little more easy to find.
  • grump1grump1 Posts: 27
    I believe the only differnce from the car and the truck is (maybe the oil pan ) the clutch in the car is about 8.5" and the ranger is 9" clutch size ...But you can just use the clutch , flywheel, & pressure plate from your ranger.

    Good luck
  • I would recommend putting in a newer 2.3L out of a Ranger. Get the dual plug head and you'll be very happy with it power and economy wise. Just get all the wiring, fuel system and the computer.
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