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Disco V8, locking diffs and other accessories.

3006mick3006mick Posts: 3
edited April 2014 in Land Rover
I am about to buy my friends 97 Disco, it is in reality a Disco 1.5 as it has bits from both models it was obviously being built near the change over.

It is set up with 2" lift spring kit and has blocks installed on the ends of the springs to raise it a bit more. I tend to think while the blocks/spacers raise the car a bit, they will restrict spring travel a tad. I may be wrong (hopefully). It has the standard mags and muddies, which are getting a bit lean on it. I have a Series landie which i am going to retire and I will transfer the tyres ( Cooper STT Discoveries in 235 /70/16.

It is also fitted with a rear fixed locker. I have no experience with these, but am under the impression that they are a bit of a handful on a greasy road. Is this the case? I was thinking of lashing out and installing ARB air lockers.

I will also be installing a Thomas 8K lb electric winch that I have, a snorkel and dual batteries.

I will convert it to LPG as the Govt has a $AU2000 rebate for fitting gas (we ain't got muc petrol, but we have sheeeeeeeeeeeetloads of butane/lpg. There is a guy here near me that has developed a system which injects the gas through the injector system, it has its own computer and all.

Any other suggestions? I have a full length alloy rack. and a spring loaded holder for my cowboy hat :-D



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