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can I fix this myself? honking when door open

jlcook222_livecajlcook222_liveca Member Posts: 2
edited April 2022 in Buick
my 2003 buick park avenue started honking when I opened the door. I believe prior to this, (security system set using 'lock all doors') I lifted the handle, then I unlocked the door with my #1 key as my fob battery is dead. honking starts and then stops in approx. 20 seconds.


  • thecardoc3thecardoc3 Member Posts: 5,745
    Does the car start and drive or is that disabled on top of the horn sounding? Has anyone pulled codes from all of the modules on the car? If so can you post them?
  • jlcook222_livecajlcook222_liveca Member Posts: 2
    yes, the car is driveable, while honking.
  • thecardoc3thecardoc3 Member Posts: 5,745
    Check under the dash around the steering column area for wires that have been added to the car like an aftermarket security system. Non-original wires should be very apparent.
  • kinnu10kinnu10 Member Posts: 1
    yes, you can fix it your self.
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