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Jaguar XJ Series Check Engine Light

how to reset engine light


  • how to reset engine light
  • With a code reader.
  • deadjagdeadjag Posts: 8
    :( I drove home in a bad electrical storm. Everything worked OK while driving. Next day I tried to startup. Dashlights, audio tones, and interior lights come on but engine just clicks. I get two system messages: 1) check engine and 2) stability control. Checked battery and have 11 volts -- seems OK. Also tried to jumpstart to no avail. I also turned traction control to 'off'. Still get same result -- just an electrical 'click' and 'check engine' message. Seems like I need to reset stability control or check engine in order to start. Any ideas out there?
  • euphoniumeuphonium Great Northwest, West of the Cascades.Posts: 3,425
    No guarantees, but sometimes the computer can be reset by disconnecting the battery for 10 or 15 minutes. At least remove the Negative cable for awhile and see what happens. Good Luck.
  • deadjagdeadjag Posts: 8
    Thanks euphonium. Tried this to no avail but I'll keep working on it. Do you think this is the best Jag maintenance forum or are there others which are more active?
  • I have a '99 XJ8 with 106,000 miles. It has run fine with no problems until recently. I was in stop and go traffic and suddenly the car would not accellerate from a stop. The instrument warning dispayed "Engine in failsafe mode", "Transmission failure" and " Stability control inoperative". I had the vehicle towed home and checked the DTCs. They were P1000, P1111, P1121 and P1642. I cleared the codes and the car runs fine. After about 10 minutes of driving, the "Engine in failsafe mode" light comes on, but the car runs with no noticeable differences. I was once a Ford Master certified technician and know my way around diagnostic charts and I can speak the lingo. I just don't have the diagnostic charts. Can anyone help with any answers or experiences?
  • bigdadbearbigdadbear Posts: 7
    Hi- I own a 1998 XJ8 I just read your post on the codes --- I have a 1642 code which indicades a CAN ( Control Area Network) issue- which would be caused by either a bad connedtion between the ECM and one of the body control units -- I think mine may be related to the cruise control module..
    The 1121 code indicates throttle pedal position sensor issue, this devise is activitated by your throttle pedal -- the could be as simple as raising the hood and spraying the devise that is connected to your pedal wire with electrical contact cleaner and then ( with the engine off) working the Pedal up and down 5 or 6 times and spraying again and working the pedal again

    I would appreciate your finding with the 1642 code since i have the same issue. I did rest my code and turned OFF the cruise contol switch to see if the code comes back on --- I will let you know

    The P1000 code indicates the code functions are working. This code you should not be concerned with.
    The P1111 codes indicates the code system has done a complete scan.--- This code likewise should be ignored for NOW.

    The 1642 and 1121 could be just a bad connection at the PLUG of the harness between the ECM and the other devices
    Unplug the connectors and plug them back together.. If you need more detail Eamil me at [email protected]
    Hope this helps
  • i have a 93 xj and the eng. light has been on how do i turn it off.
  • i have a 2000 ford van E-150 and the service light is on can one some tell me how to turn it off what do i need to do. thanks
  • Go to autozone they will check codes for free... ask them to clear the code...
  • thank you i'll try that
  • Hi, I am having the same problems. Sometimes the engine will start with all the warnings displayed and then dye within seconds.

    What did you do to fix this problem? Is it computer related?
    should I try and get the computer re-programed?

  • Since your vehicle is dying right after you start it up, you should first clean the Plate inside the Throttle Body (Spray Cleaner on Soft Cloth and gently wipe the Plate and inside the Body until clean) and the Map sensor( Spray the Cleaner on - Do NOT Touch sensor) that is attached / inside the Air Duct box going to the throttle body.....

    Be sure and disconnect the battery before doing the ABOVE. Get the correct cleaners for the Throttle Plate and Map Sensor.

    Please post if this works for you.
  • denhamdenham Posts: 76
    Car runs fine and starts ok, but get a Code 1230 Fuel relay. Have changed relay and fuse and fuel pump pressure reads ok? Get rid of this code and it will come back on with engine light and read same Code 1230? Has anyone had this problem and can offer advice?
  • Don't know really much about this, have only had my car about 4 months...but on checking on another issue it was recommended that I do a full "ground" check and have any corrosion cleaned or connections replaced.

    I do know that "ground" gremlins can cause strange problems on most any car.

    2 cents
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