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Honda Element Cleaning and Care

david_waynedavid_wayne Posts: 8
edited August 2014 in Honda
I own a 2007 LX AWD. (Purchased it in October of ’06) So far, I love the thing, but I do have a few questions about cleaning and maintenance.
First off, the LX has the composite body panels. I have a fear they will fade over time so I was wondering how you cleaned and protected them?
I also have heard of others hosing out the inside floor, since that is a composite as well. This sounds risky to me. Has anyone done it yet? What was the result?
And let me throw in one last item: has any one unzipped the seats in order to clean them? I have two large dogs that love mud, and I run a painting business and the Honda is one of my vehicles I use for that.
Thank you


  • far as cleaning wise i believe they told me use wet cloth and soap. don't hose it because you will damage the wiring under it.As far as unzipping the seats i haven't really done that before. i think just use the same method as the floor.hope that helps
  • I didn't think hosing the inside was wise. I just wanted to hear if any one had tried it.

    What about the outside though? I see some that are faded. What is recommended to keep that clean and protected? Armorall?
  • ragetsragets Posts: 63
    I am interested in the '07 Element EX 4wd. And I was wondering if the Element was truly as easy as Honda says it is to clean up?
    The seats unzip? How do they do that?
    I think hosing out the Element would ruin the inside of it. Has anyone tried this?
    My car will get dirty fast, on the inside and out so I need to know if this car would be a good one for me. I'm 16 and ready to start having fun: biking and taking my dogs to go to the lake and come back slopping wet with water and mud. So I need info fast.
    Thanks :D
  • My girlfriend just bought ArmorAll Tire Foam for her tires, and they look great! I was wondering if any one had any input on using this on the plastic body panels on my E.
  • gmwardgmward Posts: 2
    Haven't used this myself, but Honda offers a panel coating:

    Plastic Panel Coating
    Genuine Honda plastic panel coating.
    For exterior plastic panels only.
    Covers minor scuffs and scratches. Quick drying transparent coating.

    I've found initial cleanings not to be too easy. Black floor/interior panels show everything. However, w/no carpet, not too bad too vacuum/wash w/soap/water.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,462
    Some folks have had good luck with creamy peanut butter on some car's black exterior panels. :shades:

    The Paint and Body Maintenance & Repair discussion may also be of interest.
  • bigfurbigfur Posts: 649
    Do NOT ever "hose out" the interior. There is far too much wiring running just under the floor and in the door jambs to do that. You will corrode the wiring and have all sorts of electrical gremlins. Take a sponge and a wet cloth to clean it out.
  • Thanks for the link to the Honda cleaner. I thought that there must be something out there, although I imagine some of the brand name cleaners would do as good of a job. I will try it just for comparison reasons.

  • ChasboyChasboy Posts: 186
    tho' I don't like it anymore for regular waxing, Icewax does a good job on the dull panels and seems to last for awhile.
  • I have a short haired dog that has shed all over the seats. I'm having a really hard time getting the fur off, especially off the bottom of the seats where the fabric is fuzzy. Any ideas? :)
  • bigfurbigfur Posts: 649
    There is a product out by Scotch called the Fur Fighter that lifts dog and cat hair up pretty easily.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,462
    Gets that big fur right up eh? :D
  • bigfurbigfur Posts: 649
    Some where off in the distance, i hear a rim shot being played!
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