Hyundai Tucson oil fliter access

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I can't believe how difficult it was to access and change the oil filter on my 2006 Hyundai Tuscon. It seems that removing the front shield is the only way to access the filter. Anyone have suggestions?


  • airflyteairflyte Member Posts: 9
    yes, the only way to change the filter is to remove the shield. what i did is to replace the bolts with studs, this makes removing the shield easier and faster. good luck !
  • ulltronulltron Member Posts: 10
    I used a jig saw and modified the shield by cutting out just enough of the plastic so the oil filter can be reached easily. Now, I have the easiest filter to reach and change of any car I have ever owned. With the high ground clearance, I don't even need ramps, just lay down a a mat and do the job.
  • jimwkjimwk Member Posts: 1
    Before reinstalling the plastic front shield, I drilled out the rivets holding that sheet metal louvered plate on, replacing them with 8-32 threaded pop rivets. Next time, for oil filter access, I can just remove the plate with installed 8-32 SS pan head screws which pass through the plastic and into the plate's now threaded holes.
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    I just take it to the WalMart problem...
  • motordavidmotordavid Member Posts: 39
    On the 2010 Tuck, it is cake...
    pop open the filter panel, drop the filter, new filter on, (a Mobil1 M-104),
    pour in just under 5 qts of Mobil One. Done. I'm 6 ft 1", 210 and I could
    slide under and work, with no problems.
    GL, mD
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    Have any of you had a problem with the oil filter sealing? Does it seem too hard to tighten down properly?
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