how to power multiple cameras?

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I have no idea what kind of forum to post this so I picked this one. I bought a 4-camera system for my BMW 328i 2007 E90 because my previous reverse backup camera system broke. Both my backup camera system and my new 4-camera system are third-party systems (not BMW). The rear camera was easy to replace and I just replugged it into the previous wiring I had where it is connected to the reverse light wire via a T-Tap adapter. So when I put it in reverse, it sends power to the camera and I can see the camera view.

However, I'm wondering how to power up the other cameras. I want to at least put one in the front. And I want an option to leave it on. The controller screen lets me do that as long as the camera is powered. This system has a lot of cool things like I can record the cameras to an SD card. I can see 2 cameras at once or 4 cameras at once or I can cycle through the cameras. But I have no idea how to provide power to the other 3 cameras.
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