Popping brakes when releasing and sometimes when braking.

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I have a 2015 chevy volt. My brake pads were recently cleaned and lubricated. All bolts tightened to repair manual spec.

When releasing the brake after a stop I get a popping/clunking noise, kind of like the pad hitting the rotor or caliper hard. Usually, it will start on the driver's side front wheel and move to the passenger side front wheel. They very rarely or ever will happen at the same time. I believe the rear brakes do it occasionally as well but the front brakes are the ones I have been hearing recently.

I asked a mechanic to look at it when it was at the dealership getting warranty repair done, as well as a tune-up last summer. They just told me they lubed up the brakes and it went away. But it only went away for about a week after that occurrence.

Any thoughts would be helpful.
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