Mazda MPV Towing Capacity

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I have a 2006 MPV with the tow package, the towing capacity is 3000lb but as far as I can tell that isn't the only set of numbers that I need to know about. We are looking at a tent trailer and what we would like could start to reach the limits of the car. Does any one know where there might be full information about what the MPV can tow? The owners manual doesn't tell us what we need.

Thanks Paul


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    I'm also looking for a tent trailer, but my MPV does not have the towing package. But since most of the trailers I've looked at have a GVWR of about 3000, I would think you'd be safe with the towing package. I'm thinking that if I but a transmission cooler I can probably go to about 2400-2500 pounds. What brand/model trailer are you looking at?
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    what exactly is a Towing Package? Can it be installed on a van that does not have it from the factory?
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    i am having a similar problem. i do not have the factory "all seasons" towing package and my pop up trailer is right at my 2000lbs capacity. can i do anything to my MPV to increase its towing capacity?
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