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imageHere's How Our 2020 Tesla Model Y Fared in Its First 20K Miles | Edmunds

In celebration of our Tesla Model Y's two-year anniversary, we take a look back at the highs and lows of our ownership experience.

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    Congrats! As a reservation holder myself, i am most curious how the R1T/S will withstand the test of time, and how the build quality will hold up. We all know about the car's incredible and unmatched capabilities, so let's see how it holds up to torture tests. Thrash it across California potholes, drive it hard for days in death valley, ralley it for hours on washboard roads, and maybe throw it on turo to see how it holds up to renters like me. As a new manufacturer w/o a strong dealer/maintenance network, it needs to be robust enough not to require new parts for a few years. I'm also curious about cold weather performance, so do a road trip to glacier ntl park in February. Oh, and drive it from somewhere far away to see how it fares through some charging deserts. Good luck! And have fun!
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