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Audi A4 Reliability



  • roblawroblaw Posts: 17
    The new A4 seems to be a great vehicle from a driving standpoint. I was strongly considering it for the all around driving appeal and practicality. I won't. I have read too many horror stories on these websites. However, I may have considered one if I believed Audi of America or the dealers will stand behind the cars. Most postings indicated that in addition to poor reliability, neither the manufacturer nor the dealer understand that when someone pays big $ for a vehicle they are entitled to be treated a certain way. My 07' Lexus is far from exciting and does not have the ride/handling balance of an Audi (although it would seem Audi could make the ride a bit more comfortable without ruining the handling). However, the vehicle is basically trouble free and the dealer gives me a free Lexus loaner and picks up and drops off the vehicle for free for service. When I mentioned a very slight pulsing in the brake pedal on a 5000 mile service the car was returned to me with 4 new rotors and sets of pads, far more than I expected. This is why Lexus, despite having somewhat boring vehicles sells very well. Audi should take a lesson since the entire ownership experience matters.
  • rjlaerorjlaero Posts: 659
    Lexus was created for the US market. Audi has a lot bigger picture to look at world wide. It's incredibly expensive to build cars in Germany and ship to the US.

    Lexus gives it's dealerships a huge profit margin and wads of cash to give customers everythign they want. They don't have to worry about the rest of the world.

    Lexus sells service more than cars, and people buy into it. It's not wright or wrong, it's just what they do.
  • rascal99rascal99 Posts: 54
    That's funny since I have had absolutely NO problems with my A4. Every time I take the A4 in for scheduled service I also get a loaner, the last one being a fairly new A4. The local Audi dealership treats me very well. So, I am nervously waiting for the engine to self destruct and Audi to turn their back on me. After all a couple people posting on an internet message board told me so. :confuse:

    I understand your point; however, there ARE a few satisfied Audi owners (i.e. happy with the car AND happy with the service). Yes, if my engine inexplicably blew I would rather be driving the Lexus if given the choice; but, I would not base my buying decision on that.
  • rascal99rascal99 Posts: 54
    I think it also may be a cultural issue. The Germans do not approach customer service in the same manner as the Japanese and North Americans. Their philosophy is the producer is always right, as in "We build cars for a living, you do not. You will accept what we deliver and you will like it". I provide BMW I-Drive as an example. After owning four German cars and spending time in Germany I can attest to this. They have always produced great quality products, but reliability has always taken a back seat. I think the market has been changing their attitude regarding reliability and service for the better.
  • huntzingerhuntzinger Posts: 356
    It is never surprising on these post sites to hear horror stories. Our family is on our 4th Audi, and getting ready to look at a new A5 once they are available

    Your 4th Audi? Must have had something horrible with some of the earlier ones. :P

    My wife has been driving an Audi since 1990. She's still on just her second one.

    Her job takes her to downtown Newark NJ (#22 on the Morgan Quit no Press's list of most dangerous cities in the USA) on a daily basis, so she does not tolerate any vehicle that's an inch less than rock solid reliable.

    She is shopping for a new vehicle right now, as her 8.5 year old 2000 A4 1.8T Quattro will need a new set snow tires for this winter. Currently, she's trying to decide between picking up a leftover 2008 Audi A3 within the next month, or to custom-order a 2009 A3 and probably having to wait until January for it, because the color she wants is on 'delayed introduction', which mucks up the idea of replacing the car before it needs $500 for new tires. If she doesn't get what she wants, I expect that she'll keep the A4 for another year or three, which may be a disappointment to three friends who are interested in buying it from us.

  • 204meca204meca Posts: 370
    2004 A4 1.8T CVT; 48k.

    Car runs great, is supremely comfortable, handles well, has more than ample acceleration once it is rolling... My biggest surprise (and most pleasant surpriseO is that it gets 24-28 mpg city & 32-36 highway -- on mid grade gas no less.

    Have had a couple of minor problems (40K whining noise from back of car - replaced fuel filter at NC, 44K broken mirror toggle switch intially said not under warranty, but after reconsideration, replaced NC). Had 1 accident where I was not paying attention & rear ended a stopped car at about 10-15 mph. Broke transmission mount & caused minor radiator leak but I was able to drive it for 2 weeks till the parts were in. Our Bellingham dealer & service department has always been cordial & cooperative. :)

    We are more than very pleased! with this car! Honestly, reading these forums make nervous & I had real reservations about reliablity when we bought our A4. Now we plan to keep current A4 till 2011 & then will likely replace it with another A4 or possibly an A3.
  • rablawrablaw Posts: 16
    I am shopping for a new car and deciding betw. an Audi A4 and Mercedes C-300. Can you recommend an Audi dealer in the northern NJ area? Dealers to avoid also. Bergen/Passaic/Essex counties are closest.
  • md_outbackmd_outback Posts: 185
    I too am a former Audi owner (leasee actually) who comes to these forums to see if Audi's reliability has improved. I had a 2001 allroad (true "allroad" owners type it in all lower case letters) with which I had a love-hate relationship. It was a great vehicle, quick, comfortable, great in bad weather and stylish. However, there was not one day in the 49,532 miles while in my hands that there was not at least one thing wrong with it (I gave it back to Audi before the warranty ran out). It never left me stranded anywhere, but I never felt entirely comfortable when on a long trip. And that uncertainty sticks with you for a long, long time. The vehicle leaked oil (just a little) every day of its life. The brake rotors warped every 10,000 miles like clockwork. The Steptronic auto trans began to slip at 20,000 miles and had to be replaced. The headlights would periodically decide they didn't want to work until you re-booted the engine 3 times (seriously, this happened all the time!). The wheels were nearly impossible to keep balanced - always had to use expensive Hunter 9700 equipment - even then they were out of balance within 1000 miles. Seat heater would not turn off (that was a painful experience). Dashboard warning lights would come and go for no particular reason (again, not great for your confidence). So while none of these problems ever left me stranded by the roadside on a dark, gloomy night, I found that I simply wasn't going to chance driving on a dark gloomy night, just in case.
    I'm writing this now because I will soon be in the market for a new vehicle and the new A4 caught my attention. I will likely test drive one when they come out and I will get that "itch" again, just like I do almost every new car season. But all I need to do is look at the 29 service tickets from my allroad (that's how many times the vehicle went to the dealer in 3 years) to remind me why I drive a Lexus today and probably will still be in a Lexus at this time next year. I loved my Audi, but I also hated my Audi.

  • huntzingerhuntzinger Posts: 356

    We used Peter Wendell at Paul Miller Audi in Parsippany, NJ. Based on him making good on an error and giving us an $858 refund out of his own pocket, I'd definitely trust him to buy a car from him again. We've known Peter since before he was a salesman (he came from the Service Dept).

    For service...well, we had not been particularly happy with Paul Miller circa ~2004, but this is a dated experience. Peter has said that they've gotten better; we will see, at the car's 5K checkup in ~6 months.

    For genuine OEM Dealership, I've heard very good things from a coworker advocating Audi of Mendham, NJ, but I haven't tried them yet myself to verify how they do. I expect that we'll give Paul Miller a chance (5K service) and if it isn't stellar, perhaps go try Mendham the next time we absolutely must have a dealership touch the car.

    Otherwise, the place we've been going for Audi service for the past ~5 years has been Foreign Aid in Mendham; the owner "Kenny" has implicitly earned our trust.

    For Mercedes, I didn't care for the salesman at MB of Morristown, nor that he lied to me about document processing (claimed that a buyer couldn't go to DMV to get his own plates). So I went to MB of Newton, NJ; the salesman was Reid [something] ... Ried was easy to deal with. Unfortunately, this is probably a very long haul for you from Bargain/Passaic/Essex.

    For MB service, Newton has been good, although a bit inconvenient and of course MB Expensive. As such, I've been trying a local independent garage (Felipe at Precision Auto Center; Rt 46 West, Rockaway NJ). So far, he's done well enough for fairly routine work and has done a "make it good at my expense" on one item, so I'll continue to go there for helps that he's only 5 minutes from home.

    Finally, for all "wheels" stuff, I've been using Eurotire in Fairfield, NJ (on Rt 46 East) for 20+ years. I've known the current owner Bill Bloomfield since he was an employee there, which is more than just a few years ago now. Eurotire used to mostly do just tires, rims, balancing, allignments and shocks/struts, but now also does brakes, CV/drive axles, 4-corner weight balancing, etc, etc.

    Bill is a significant supporter of the local Porsche Club (PCA) chapter of Northern NJ and he often volunteers/donates his shop for Tech Inspections, etc. He's a genuine enthusiast worth supporting who does high quality work, is always honest with you, a good value, and is very flexibile in working with your needs.

    <a href=""

  • 2 years ago around the same time of year my new 2006 Audi A4 Quattro left me stranded in the Smokey Mountains (alleged faulty starter). I was very upset to say the least and vented on this site. I&#146;m sure you can find the posting if you went back and searched for it.

    Anyhow, it&#146;s only fair to Audi that I follow-up with this posting. Since the traumatic experience in 2006 our Audi, which now has 55k miles, has been very reliable. More importantly, I just came back from the Smokey Mountains without incident. Yes, I gave the car another chance and dared the trip once again. You can imagine the fear when I pulled into the same spot where it left me stranded, fortunately the car started this time and continued to perform throughout the trip. I thought for sure the water pump or the radiator would blow considering it was 100 degrees in the hot sun with the air on climbing steep road ways to boot. But, to my surprise, it hung in there.

    So my Audi has redeemed itself and may even go into another when the tires fall off this one. Hopefully, that will be some time from now.
  • Hello. I'm a Marine currently on deployment and am looking at getting a used car when I come back (in a few months). I'll have about $15K to spend on something, and have always admired the look of Audis. I've always wanted to own one and have been thinking about a 2003ish A4. After reading post after post in this section, i've been trying to figure out the most reliable A4 out there and how not to get caught up spending obscene amounts of money on it. Correct me if I'm wrong but, from what I gather from posters, the CVT has problems - so go with a manual (I was going to anyway). Also, the 3.0 seems to have a lot less problems than the 1.8. And if I'm out of warranty and start having problems, ditch the car immediately before it totally drains my wallet (and good luck trying to get any help from the dealership or AoA.) But, if i treat it well and do the maintenance like I should, it'll help the situation...oh, and carry a screwdriver and some ignition coils in the trunk. Is that about the speed of things? Any other advice would also be appreciated, especially on what to check for and questions to ask (Audi-reliability specific) while on the dealer lot.

  • Hey partybynight, as a former Audi owner and someone looking to possibly buy another Audi, I can't recommend buying any Audi that is out of warranty. Things that could go wrong: (1) Anything electronic could simply stop working (screwdriver won't help with that); (2) You are correct about the trans - stick with a manual; (3) Sooner or later the car will leak some or all fluids - so check under the car and engine out thoroughly before you buy; (4) Brake rotors are known to warp - check this out in a test drive and have a mechanic check them with an instrument. My advice: Unless you can get an extended warranty on a 2003 A4 model, perhaps an Infiniti G35 is a better way to go. Just my 2 cents.

  • kinctkinct Posts: 59
    The 1.8T / 2.0T engines in a used Audi are tough to call. If well maintained, that engine will run & run & run (my VW Passat 1.8T went 225k miles when I sold it and was still running strong). I did oil changes at 5000 miles w/ Mobil 1, 0w40.

    However, if you had some clown who owned the car before you who was casual about the oil changes (frequency) or used regular oil (not synth), then watch out !!

    So... that would make me leery about buying a used 4 cyl turbo...
  • Hey everyone!

    Im new to this site adn the other forums are unresponsive. im currently in the market for a new 2009 bmw 335i or the audi A5. from what i've been reading, I'm really starting to question the Audi. Seems like people have major problems or no problems at all. My family's had a few Audis before and steer far away from it these days. but the new A5 looks are stunning. And with the bad economy there are many on the lot, at least in the DC area. Our family's had bmws as well and had some problems there too, but Consumer Reports seem to favor Audis more and more these days. Any problems with Audi's technology? since im opting for the premium tech and nav package. (both cars)

    Any advice? :confuse:
  • Interesting comments. I was thinking of getting an 06-07 a4 at auction, however, having read some of these messages and others on different forums, I'll be going for a Toyota / Honda.
    cneff, no you weren't unlucky. My dad bought a two year old Audi with low mileage and had numerous faults and a real 'ding dong' with Audi dealership.
    I personally know of a friend of the family who is a barrister. She bought a brand new Audi and had so many problems with the car and received such poor service from Audi, that she sued them in court and won. In the end she returned the car and received a full refund after further legal proceedings. I think they picked on the wrong cookie on this occasion.
    Funny really, because lots of consumer reviews rate Audi's highly. This is probably due to consumer satisfaction with the product i.e., people turn a blind eye to problems because they love the brand. People are always more discerning if they're not so caught up in the image and brand.
    Note, if your Audi is out of warranty, go see an independant specialist to get better service and 30-40% off your labour bills. If your still in warranty, you can always say a little prayer.
  • Dragon,

    I'm an Audi FanBoi. Here's my take... Audis have improved considerably over the last few years. Now Audis are almost as reliable as Korean cars.

    I'm on my third A4, a modified '06 bought in August of '05, and in that entire time the only issue that I've had is one check engiine light. And I'm not particularly easy on my car. Modded it puts out > 250 hp and I wore out my OEM tires in around 11,000 miles (rough housing in corners).

    The apparent secret for Audi ownership is dumb luck and hope that you get a good one (you probably will). Next is having a good dealership to work with when something unexpected does spring up.

    Now about that A5 vs 335i... Both cars look great but the A5 wins out over the 335i. But OTOH, have you driven either car much? The 335i is a hot rod and will knock the socks off the A5. The best reason for the A5 is the quattro system, which works nicely with the Audi. The BMW X drive option on the 335i just doesn't cope with the Bimmer's torque too well... just stamp the gas and feel the torque steer.

    However, if you don't need the awd, then that's a mote point.

    Next month I should be in my next A4, an Avant with my first auto tranny ever :(
  • priestesspriestess Posts: 2
    I've bought my 2002 audi tt and I did not know the seller before because I decided to buy used audi
  • brepeibrepei Posts: 10
    I just purchased an 06 A4 and I really like the car, my question is, the 6 speed auto. tranny shifts like a dream, but I noticed that there seems to be some hesitation when I accelerate at low speeds when driving in traffic. Is this a problem,or is this a characteristic of the way the car actually drives? I'm thinking of taking the car to an audi shop, and having someone who knows these cars, to test drive it .
  • jimbodtxjimbodtx Posts: 4
    Does anyone have a 2005 2.0 A4? It is not a Quattro. I have been reading this forum and now a little scared. I bought this car a week ago with 42,500 miles on it. I did however get an extended waranty up to 102,500 miles. I am affraid that one of the few things not covered will go wrong. Please tell me you experiences if you have this same car.
  • jimbodtxjimbodtx Posts: 4
    Can anyone tell me what this light is indicating? It is white and red circle and has the letters MPH in the middle. I assume that it is miles per hour but dont know for sure. Please Help!!!!
  • eddie650eddie650 Posts: 26
    Any hesitation should only exist, I'd think, from a dead stop. I also experience hesitation with my 2005 1.8 from a dead stop, but usually don't notice it because my driving tends to be conservative. It's those times when I am relying on a quick start from a dead stop (like getting out of the way of someone else) that I might notice this problem.
  • lagirl2lagirl2 Posts: 7
    I recently bought a brand new Audi A4. I know absolutely nothing about cars, but it was cute and Edmunds appeared to have rated it highly in reviews.

    The day after I bought it, I had to take it back to the dealer for a check engine light. They said it was the fuel sensor and replaced it. 2 weeks later, I got another check engine light. They cleared the fault and sent me on my way. 2 weeks after that, I took it in for another check engine light. When I pulled into the dealership, they said they knew it was the fuel pump that needed replacing. According to the dealership, the Audi manufacturer had "compared it to another new car and decided it was the fuel pump." They replaced it and sent me on my way. It's been about a week and everything's running fine so far, but I hope that this isn't going to be a reoccuring problem. I'm thinking I may have just had bad luck with that one part. Sometimes new cars are like that I guess.

    Otherwise, my experience with Audi is pleasant. The dealership puts up with my histrionics when something goes wrong. They fix it under warranty for free and offer me a free rental car (usually a Mercedes) when they fix my car so at least I get to try other cars out. Overall, my Audi is beautiful and has every amenity offered. I hope it doesn't have more problems, though, because I think it looks really cute and it's fun to drive.
  • fkuciapafkuciapa Posts: 12
    I really don't want to spoil you joy with the new car but unfortunately the infamous check engine light, particularly right after you drive a brand new car from the lot is not a good indicator of what's ahead of you ....

    I had very similar experience to yours. Yes, the dealer fixes the check engine light free when car is under warranty...the warranty will eventually run out unless you purchased extended one from the get go...when it does, you will be out luck. They will give you a loaner while they fix the issue but the issues will keep coming back....ok when car is under warranty but still you will worry and waste time visiting the dealer. True, most of these issues will be classified as "leaking hose", "loose gas cap" etc but each one will result in dreadfull check engine light and will require a trip to the dealer. Unless you have tons of time and enjoy spending it at the dealership ....

    I had so many of these little but requiring a day off from work in order to visit the dealer to drop off the car issues that I finally gave up selling the car for a lousy trade in value .... and started sharing the issues with the general public on this forum.

    Audi is a very sexy agile car. It is notorious for tons of small issues all cuasing check engine light...

    It is not good for a brand new car to have a gas pump issue....and regardless, all dealer repairs are good for 12 months. I had my air pump repaired once by dealer for $600 and going bad 14 months later....naturally 2 months after the dealer service warranty had expired :)

    Good luck with it....enjoy but be prepared for lots of ridiculous stories about what was wrong with your car next time the check engine light comes on and you're forced to pay the dealer another visit.

    I now drive an Acura...had not had a SINGLE issue for 2 years.
  • lagirl2lagirl2 Posts: 7
    Thanks for the warning. So far, minus the little problems, I love it. However, what does comfort me is a- the extended warranty I bought, b- my bf is a mechanic and literally called the dealership for me to check on the work actually being done this last time, etc... and c- the law. So far I've been in 3 times in a month and a half. Under CA's lemon laws, I'd have cause to return it and get my money back if I so desired. If it keeps happening, then I'm going to definitely take advantage of that law, something I keep reminding the dealership each visit in. They do bend over backwards now to help me, so I'm hoping that they are as concerned about their workmanship and the cars they sell as I am about owning one.

    I used to drive a Japanese car. It was so easy to maintain and I had zero problems. Absolutely nothing happened on that car. I changed tires, brakes, and got oil changes and that was enough to make it last. I traded it in at 75k to get the Audi, though, because 4.5 years seemed a long time to own a car. However, I am confident that my old car would've kept going and going and going. That thing drove like a dream. It's just not as sexy as the Audi and it's not the powerhouse that the Audi is.
  • ingvaringvar Posts: 205
    I now drive an Acura...had not had a SINGLE issue for 2 years.
    Good for you. I had horrible experience with Accord and TL with 0 issues when cars had warranty and LOTS of issues when warranty expired. I wouldn't touch Honda any more, only German cars. 0 issues with my BMW, girlfriend's parents have 0 issues with VW.
  • rascal99rascal99 Posts: 54
    Nope, no issues here on my 3 year old A4. Absolutely nothing. I am not going to assume all Audis are perfect based on my experience, just as someone shouldn't assume they are crap based on their ONE single ownership experience, or that Uncle Bob and one and...blah blah.
  • fkuciapafkuciapa Posts: 12
    Rascall99 - assume what want, your car, your choice. Not sure why you're getting all worked up about the facts - notice plural.

    I recommend this interesting site to you, pehaps this will help you expand your horizons juust a bit further beyond the windshield of your own car ... blah blah


    Most recently (last 2 weeks), my friends drove a brand new VW JETTA from Germany to France - the manual transmission broke down in southern France on their way back forcing them to return by train. Now this is what I call PERFECT turn of events.
  • rascal99rascal99 Posts: 54
    Not getting worked up. My point being, if you read my post, is I AM looking beyond my own windshield. All car makes have problems and basing a conclusion that a car is junk because of one or two personal experiences is not statistically valid. "My aunt Mildred broke down in her brand new Toyota on the way home from the dealership". So what. That sucks for Mildred but that certainly doesn't mean all Toyotas are junk.
  • ingvaringvar Posts: 205
    Thank you for recommendation. Lot of interesting stories about uber quality Honda cars
    BTW, on my brand new Accord, transmission broke down on 8K miles first time.
  • i too am an audi owner or rather still am paying on the car that is sitting in my driveway as it sits there most of the time. I have had to replace the engine and to the person with the check engine light i do feel sorry for you, because that is what kept coming on in my audi but the dealer assured me everything was fine and he got the light off but then the engine blew and another engine was put in and now the car sits again, problem after problem, audi a4 quattro no more :sick: :sick: :lemon: :lemon:
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