Back Ordered Part for a Year: Acura Abandons Its Loyal Customers

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Many electrical features have stopped working on my 2009 MDX. The drivers side door electrical sub harness has shorted out. (part #32757-STX-A00) This means that the power windows do not work, power door locks do not work, the tailgate cannot be opened, and the door to the gas cap does not open. This part has been on backorder since last summer.

I have called a dozen dealerships in the U.S. and six warehouses. The part is not available through any warehouse, distributor or after market source (like eBay, Amazon, et al.) The dealerships will not work on repairing the harness. They say they’ll only install a new one…if they have it in inventory.

The harness is a patented part. Therefore, Acura has exclusive rights to making it. And yet, for a year the part has been on back order. This part consists of wires and three plastic pieces. There is no integrated circuit or chip in it. Acura has no explanation for the shortage.

If you know anyone with a 2007-2010 MDX who is experiencing these problems, you may contact the case manager for Acura Client Care (David) at extension 87798 at (phone number redacted). Ask him to be put on the list for this part…leave your VIN, name, and phone number. You may have to call back a few times because they are working on almost 2000 requests for this part.


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    Start checking with the independent shops. I would repair the harness without a second thought.
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