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imageDriven: 2022 McLaren Artura Is Crazy Fast, and Sips Fuel | Edmunds

With the 2022 McLaren Artura, the British supercar maker uses a high-tech hybrid powertrain in a lightweight, awesomely fast but comfortable supercar.

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  • CraneboyCraneboy Member Posts: 1
    Yet another example of all electric vehicles not being ready for prime time.
  • RacklefratzRacklefratz Member Posts: 1
    What? A "safety defect that might make it immobile"? Self-igniting Teslas come to mind. Doncha just HATE IT when that happens?

    "Craneboy" beat me to it with the "not ready for prime time" remark, but he's spot on. Wind doesn't always blow, sun doesn't always shine, and the very state of the art of "alternative energy" technology today is such that none of it would even get a chance were it not for all the well-intentioned but mis-guided and ill-informed massive government subsidies (taxpayer money) thrown at it.

    And, even WITH all the subsidies, they inevitably fail miserably. Can you say "Solyndra"???

    Greenies brag they're "saving the world", but conveniently fail to admit that the electric power they need to recharge their beloved e-cars predominantly comes from FOSSIL FUELS. Hello?
  • Mach1n3Mach1n3 Member Posts: 1

    How does a "recall" render a type of vehicle "not ready for prime time"? A gasoline pickup truck gets recalled for whatever reason doesn't rendered it "useless" (NRFPT ... if you will) just because that particular vehicle doesn't suit my needs, lifestyle and/or vehicle "likes". This is a spurious argument, at best.

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