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Corolla Blues

7zion7heavenly7zion7heavenly Member Posts: 1
edited June 2022 in Toyota

Please help!!!!!!!

2002 Corolla

Car seemed to be starving for air and gasoline.

Ran tests on old fuel pump and when the key was in the on position no sound came from the tank.

Pulled out the fuel pump and plugged it into the wire harnesses and turned the key to the on position. Still no pumping sound. Took the volt meter and plugged it in to the wire harness and was shown results on the meter when the key was turned to the on position. I then removed the pump from the sending unit assembly, bought new pump and installed the new pump in the assembly case. Put on filter and reinstalled the pressure regulator.

After putting in the new pump and turning the key to the on position as the Haynes Manuel instructed I discovered again that the pump did not engage and pressurize the system as the Manuel had said it should.

I then turn the ignition as if the start the motor and then the pump engaged and turned on for 3 seconds.

I believe now the original pump was still good, And either I misdiagnosed because of how the Manuel instructed or there is still an issue with how my cars system is initiating the pumps pressurizing process. That being, only when I crank over the engine. But I would like to know for sure.

I am having the same issues even after installing the new pump. The car will not idle acts like it is starving for gas and sputters. also if I feather the throtle I can get it to run and once the rpms are up it acts fine while in park.

until I put it into gear the motor can run.

The motor during a test just shut down also. I was holding the running motor at 3000 rpm to get the engine control module (ECM) to program and set a good idle as was recommended and everything just went dead. And that is exactly what happened before I had it towed for repairs. I was headed up a hill and the RPM's just dropped and the car stalled as if out of gas. I cranked it over and over until the battery was dead knowing gas was in the tank.

What's next for trouble shooting this problem and getting it fixed?

If anybody can help, I sure would appreciate it.

Thanks Steven.

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